Asobo Studio Is Apparently Hiring For Plague Tale 3

Asobo Studio is apparently hiring for several positions that might hint at a third Plague Tale game, though nothing's confirmed yet.

Asobo Studio, the same studio behind the two Plague Tale games, is apparently starting to hire for a possible Plague Tale 3, according to their LinkedIn page. While the game hasn’t been announced yet, several of the openings are specifically labeled “PLAGUE TEAM”, making it a highly likely possibility.

The Plague Tale games are a pair of stealth-RPG-like games where two young French children, Amicia and her little brother Hugo, must attempt to survive in a France devastated by both the Hundred Years War, and the Black Plague, encountering many threats ranging from crazed mobs to floods of rats.

The various job openings advertised by Asobo for the Plague Team include a visual effects artist, a senior game designer, a senior AI programmer, and a senior gameplay animator, but all of these titles at least imply that a third entry in the series is in early production.

The series has proven to be very much ready for a third game, as both A Plague Tale: Innocence and its sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem, have both reached over one million units sold over their lifetimes. If this supposed third Plague game actually turns out to be real, hopefully Asobo can have similar success.

It’s also possible, given the ending of the previous Plague Tale game, that the new game could involve some sort of time skip to the modern era, with a new, similar plague (especially given the recent Covid-19 pandemic), but again we’ll have to see about where Asobo wants to take the series.

Either way, if Asobo is in fact working on a Plague Tale 3, hopefully it will be just as good as the last two games, if not better, especially given the capabilities of next-gen consoles. For now, all we can do is wait for more information on what the game will be like, whenever Asobo is confident enough in the game’s progress to release a trailer for it.

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