Phil Spencer Thinks Xbox Game Pass With Mixer “Makes Sense”

Ninja’s move from Twitch to Mixer has been contributed to an ongoing conversation against Twitch. First, the apparent double standard which lead to Dr. Disrespect being banned for accidentally having the camera on in a bathroom but not Alinity for multiple violations.

Then there was the news that Microsoft had paid Ninja 50 million USD to move from Twitch to Mixer. Afterwards, with the security loopholes that lead to 2k Games sending investigators to Youtuber SupMatto, some have also displayed distrust towards Twitch. Xbox Head Phil Spencer’s tweet suggests that they might be looking to give Mixer users benefits on Xbox Game Pass.

Mixer does already boast industry-leading Faster than Light (FTL) streaming protocol, interactive “Mixplay” features, and deep integrations on Windows 10 and Xbox One. However some argue that if it were to offer additional benefits to Mixer users on Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass or vice versa, it would further incentivize people to use it.

A free Mixer subscription every month to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass members has been one of the top requested features on the Mixer Feedback portal since last year. This would work on the lines of the model Amazon has implemented. Amazon offers Amazon Prime subscribers four free games every month and free “Twitch Prime” loot for popular games such as League of Legends or GTA V.

When Phil Spencer was asked this question via twitter, this is what he had to say.

According to him, this makes a ton of sense. He then calls them good ideas, this combination of Xbox Gold Pass and Mix subscriptions.

But is it really? Sure Xbox Game Pass’ expansion to PC could mean that this could potentially bring in millions of new users. However, Mixer’s monetization currently depends on them getting money from the memberships and the subscriptions to Mixer channels.

Removing the membership fee would remove that part from the monetization.

Perhaps this could be a starting strategy that could afterwards be changed when a certain cap of memberships had been reached. Lets see what Microsoft does.