Phil Spencer: Expect No Scalebound News Until 2017

Phil Spencer, the president of Microsoft, has said that players should expect no Scalebound news until 2017, the year the game is supposed to come out after being delayed from late this year to the next. The game got a demo at this year’s E3, which showed off the cooperative play.

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Scalebound is supposed to be the latest offering from Platinum Games, the developers of games like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Transformers: Devastation. However, the game has been taking longer than many expected, which necessitated a delay until 2017.

With no Scalebound news to look forward to, fans of Platinum will likely just have to wait and see when the game will come out, while preoccupying themselves with other Platinum fare, such as Nier: Automata, which is being developed by Platinum instead of Cavia like the first Nier game was.

Scalebound is also supposed to be on the Xbox One’s Play Anywhere program, which will allow it to be played both on Windows 10 PCs and on the Xbox One with no loss of progress. It will be joining other games that will be coming out in 2017, such as Halo Wars 2 and Crackdown 3.

Even with no Scalebound news, however, players can still look for all of the sneak peeks that we’ve been given in the meantie, such as how the game’s multiplayer looks. While the single player focuses on the human teenager Drew and his dragon partner Thuban fighting to save the world of Draconis, the game’s multiplayer allows multiple other versions of Drew and Thuban (who you can customize in a temple somewhere in the game) to fight with you against tough bosses.


Considering that 2017 is almost here there’s really not much time to wait until the game comes out (it releases in April), but in the meantime Platinum fans can hopefully distract themselves with Nier: Automata when it comes out sometime next year.

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