Phantom Dust Remake Info Expected to Come Out Next Week

We may be getting some Phantom Dust remake info when next week rolls around, according to an insider on a NeoGAF thread that mentioned it.

We may be getting some Phantom Dust remake info in the next week, if a NeoGAF topic related to the game is true. Microsoft has been kicking around a number of Phantom Dust-related properties for the past two years, and may be close to remaking the first game for modern standards.

There was originally also going to be a Phantom Dust reboot to make up for it; unfortunately, that was unceremoniously canceled some time ago, so the remake is all we get. Information for both the remake, however, and the sequel, has been infuriatingly scarce. Phantom Dust was a game for the original Xbox that came out in 2004/5, and Phil Spencer has often voiced his admiration for the game.

While plans for a reboot have fallen through, the remastered version of the original game is still on point. Whatever Phantom Dust remake info we get next week will likely be related to its E3 showing and possibly a release date, though Microsoft may be waiting until E3 to do that.

The remastered version is expected to be released in 2017, and Microsoft said that it would be released before E3 2017. However, with that now only seven weeks away, it appears that Microsoft overestimated the amount of time it would take to finish the game. We have, however, gotten at least one screenshot of the game.

That is unless they’re planning to pull a Bethesda and announce it only a few months before they actually put it out. Shannon Loftis, who apparently was developing the remake in secret even from Spencer himself, has final say on the timing.

Either way, the original Phantom Dust was able to receive fairly positive reviews when it came out on the original Xbox. When we get the Phantom Dust remake info so many fans of the game are waiting for, hopefully, the remastered version will be just as good as the original.

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