Phantom Dust Is Releasing Before E3 2017: Microsoft Confirmed

Phantom Dust remaster is one of the games releasing on Xbox One this year but fans are worried. We haven’t heard on anything solid in a while so after the cancellation of Scalebound, concerns rose.

However, it looks like Microsoft is not going to let us down this time. According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft is planning to release Phantom Dust sometime before E3 2017. In a tweet on his official Twitter page, Microsoft is going to make sure fans are playing the game ahead of the biggest gaming event of the Season.

The community wants to know what’s taking so long and why there haven’t been any updates from the development team. Thankfully, we have some good news for those who want to know how’s Phantom Dust’s development is going.

According to Microsoft’s general manager Shanon Loftis, Phantom Dust’s development is going well. When asked what’s taking so long, Loftis stated that “it’s decent work to bring an original Xbox game forward, and we want to make sure it’s great.

Microsoft will have a rough couple years in terms of software support but Phil Spencer has promised that things will change. The company is going to put more focus on first party studios and new IPs.

E3 2017 scheduled in June and should be an exciting event. We are hoping for Microsoft to share some exciting games as well as discuss Project Scorpio.

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