Microsoft Finally Gives an Update on Phantom Dust

Microsoft is currently in hot waters as the community is bashing the company for canceling the long awaited game, Scalebound. According to Microsoft, it is committed to delivering the best gaming experiences in 2017 but fans want to know exactly how do they aim to achieve this?

Microsoft announced the cancellation of Scalebound with little to no explanation. Due to what happened, fans are now worried about other projects that the company hasn’t discussed in a while. One such project is Phantom Dust.

The community wants to know what’s taking so long and why there haven’t been any updates from the development team. Today, we have some good news for those who want to know how’s Phantom Dust’s development is going.

According to Microsoft’s general manager Shanon Loftis, Phantom Dust’s development is going well. When asked what’s taking so long, Loftis stated that “it’s decent work to bring an original Xbox game forward, and we want to make sure it’s great.

Phantom Dust has been in development for a long time, it was canceled and then brought back in 2016. It is scheduled to release sometime this year and we are hoping for a glimpse at the project in the coming months.

Do you think Phantom Dust will also bite the dust? Or will Microsoft release the game to blow us away?

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