Persona 5 TV Quiz Show Guide

Players can watch TV quiz shows in Persona 5 and even answer the questions put forward in those shows. The Persona 5 TV Quiz Show airs on specific dates so players will need to keep those in mind if they want to watch every episode.

This P5 TV Quiz Show guide will help players with those dates as well as list the correct answer for every show so players don’t make any mistake.

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Persona 5 TV Quiz Show

Answering the questions from the TV quiz show can increase the player’s Knowledge so if players want the maximum return from this activity, they should try to watch all the shows.

Below is a list of the air dates of the TV quiz shows as well as the correct answer for that specific day.

Keep in mind these are rough translations so the actual wording of the answer may vary. Due to that, we have also mentioned the option to choose if you are having difficulty with the exact wording of the answers.


  • 5/19: B: Make noise to cause neurosis.
  • 5/26: A: Queen of evidence.
  • 6/2: B: Do not pay the salary to the keeper.
  • 6/23: B: Order a meal despite being penniless.
  • 8/4: B: Use someone else’s car but return it.
  • 9/22: A: 10 years in prison.
  • 9/29: A: Divulging someone’s crimes.
  • 11/10: B: You in front of the TV.
  • 11/24: A: The chairman decides.
  • 12/8: A: Attempted murder.
  • 12/15: B A wanted burglar cannot be free.

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