Persona 5 Tactica All Status Effects Explained 

Status effects can be your best friends in Persona 5 tactica as they can help you take down enemies faster and more efficiently.

Status effects are a staple of Persona 5 Tactica’s design and work to make its combat system more interesting. Each has a specific negative or positive outcome once you inflict it on the target enemies. You can do various things with status effects, such as putting your enemies to sleep, preventing their attacks, or pushing them away from their positions. 

With your gameplay progression, subsequent turn-based battles can become tougher. So, you must utilize all the tactics available to become the victor. That’s where status effects or affinities come into play. This guide explores all status effects and their capabilities in Persona 5 Tactica. 


Yusuke Kitagawa uses Freeze through his main Persona, Goemon. Using this status effect in Persona 5 tactica, a character can prevent someone from taking any actions for one turn. They must not get hit, however as that can break the freeze effect. This effect is particularly useful when you want to restrict a certain enemy at one place while your party takes down the rest of the enemies. 


Burn is specific to Ann Takamaki, which she uses through Carmen. This causes the enemy to be pushed some distance away from the user. But not so much that it crosses obstacles. With that, the enemy receives extra burn damage on its next turn.  


Vortex is associated with Johanna, the Persona of Makoto Niijima. Using this status effect, the user can create a vortex, pulling all enemies together in a specific range while dealing damage. This can be pretty useful to successfully land other AOE attacks on the gathered enemies. Be it from your side or your allies. 


Sweep is Morgana’s status effect, used via his Persona, Zorro. This status effect pushes the target away in the direction of attack in Persona 5 Tactica, making it fly over obstacles on the way or hit other enemies in the process. You can particularly manipulate this effect and throw the targets away from their cover, allowing you to make successful hits on them afterward.  

sweep status effect in persona 5 tactica


Sleep is the enhanced version of Freeze in P5T. It prevents the target from performing any actions for the next two turns. The difference is that the target replenishes its HP and SP at the end of these turns.  

Sleep is quite useful when you want to restrict a powerful foe from disturbing your Party and dealing damage while it is paralyzed. However, make sure to either kill the inflicted enemy before two turns or let it remain unharmed so that you can focus on other foes. 


The Phantom Thief, Ryuji Sakamoto, uses Shock using his Captain Kidd Persona. Using this status effect, the user can electrify an enemy and restrict its movement on the next turn in Persona 5 Tactica.  


This status effect causes the target to forget their next action and stops them from doing anything until the turn ends. This is particularly useful when stronger enemies are in your way, stopping your Party from taking proper positions in their territory.  

sleep status effect in Persona 5 tactica


Hypno is associated with Milady, the Persona of Haru Okumura. Using this, the user hypnotizes the target and pulls them toward himself. This way, the enemy can’t stay in cover and will be forced to enter the danger zone you created. 


Dizzy is the alternative to Bless from Persona 5, used specifically by Kasumi Yoshizawa. This status effect allows the Phantom Thief to disrupt the target’s movement for the next turn. This way, the enemy won’t be able to position itself in the right direction for attacks, though it can still launch attacks. 


Despair is the status effect used by Persona 5 Tactica’s protagonist, Joker. This enables the user to reduce the target enemy’s mobility and increase his movement. This process happens in direct proportion, meaning you will have exponential growth in movement if Despair hits multiple targets. 

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