Persona 4 Golden Void Quest Walkthrough

This guide is a complete walkthrough of the Persona 4 Golden Void Quest dungeon and will provide a complete description of how to proceed

You will come across the Void Quest as the fifth dungeon in P4 Golden. This guide is a complete walkthrough of the Persona 4 Golden Void Quest dungeon and will provide a complete description of how you can proceed with the dungeon and defeat its bosses.

The general model of the quest resembles an 8-Bit videogame dungeon and several Videogame and RPG references are scattered throughout the dungeon.

Persona 4 Golden Void Quest

There are a total of nine floors in Void Quest dungeon in P4G. Each floor is in fact a different chapter with different enemies.

Killing Hand and Almighty Hand Bosses
You will come across Killing Hand and Almighty Hand during Chapter 7 of the Void Quest.

Before getting to the hands, you will get pretty confused due to the continuously changing camera views when you come to an intersection.

So, when the camera views change, you must keep your eyes on the direction you are heading and not change the direction.

Head towards the Northwest of the floor and here you will have to face the Killing Hand boss battle.

Here are the Stats of Killing Hand and Almighty Hand:

                                      Killing Hand
Level HP SP EXP Yen
42 885 100 2240 600


                                    Almighty Hand
Lvl. HP SP EXP Yen
40 284 238 2240 600

Killing Hand is paired with another enemy, the Almighty Hand. Almighty Hand is there to heal the Killing Hand.

If you are thinking that Almighty Hand should be your first target, you are wrong. Even if you kill the Almighty Hand, Killing Hand will spawn another Almighty Hand!

So, what you should do is to use the Magarula skill as it knocks down Almighty Hand while dealing damage to the Killing Hand.

Then you can immediately strike the Killing Hand since the healing will be stopped while Almighty Hand is down or summoned again after it dies.

Once the fight is over, search for a chest behind them. You will find the Orb of Darkness in the chest. Head further through the stairs then to get to the next chapter.

Shadow Mitsuo Boss
You will come across the Shadow Mitsuo at the 10th chapter of the quest, also known as the Endgame. The boss fight of the chapter is against Shadow Mitsuo, who is hidden under the shell called Mitsuo the Hero.

Shadow Mitsuo is going to be quite troublesome if you are not high level enough. Here are the stats and skills of Shadow Mitsuo:

Lvl. HP SP EXP Yen
 45  ?  ? 2495 10000


  • Character Setup: Exoskeleton
  • Damage: Moderate physical damage
  • Spell: Gigadyne – Dealing high Almighty Damage to the whole party
  • Item: Bomb – Inflicts Exhaustion and damage to one member
  • Dekaja: Whole party’s stat increases are nullified
  • Red Wall: Fire resistance
  • White Wall: Ice resistance
  • Blue Wall: Electricity resistance
  • Green Wall: Wind resistance
  • Agilao: Moderate Fire damage to one member
  • Maragion: Moderate Fire damage to the whole party
  • Bufula: Moderate Ice damage to one member
  • Mabufula:  Moderate Ice damage to the whole party
  • Zionga: Moderate Electric damage to one member
  • Mazionga: Moderate Electric damage to the whole party
  • Garula: Moderate Wind damage to one party member
  • Magarula: Moderate Wind damage to the whole party
  • Megidola: Heavy Almighty damage to the whole party
  • Stagnant Air: Ailment susceptibility up on the whole party
  • Evil Touch: Inflicts Fear on one member
  • Evil Smile: Inflicts Fear on the whole party
  • Ghastly Wail: Instantly kills the members which have the Fear ailment
  • Attack: Physical damage to one member
  • Whisper: Starts building shell.
  • Chant: Continues building shell
  • Prayer: Completes shell

Now the first step against the Shadow Mitsuo is to destroy the shell ‘Mitsuo the Hero’. In this form, Mitsuo the Hero can only use three types of attacks which are Fight, Spell and Item usage.

You must continuously inflict damage to it until its health runs down and the shell is broken.

Once the shell or Mitsuo the Hero is gone, Shadow Mitsuo will be revealed and will be vulnerable.

You can then quickly perform an All-out attack if it’s knocked down and doing so is recommended as he won’t stay down long enough to let each party member attack separately.

After a few turns, Shadow Mitsuo will start building its shell again using the spells stated in his skills ‘Wisper’, ‘Chant’ and ‘Prayer’.

During the process of building the shell, Shadow Mitsuo will also cast other spells that involve building resistance or inflicting fear.

Hence you must use the Patra Spell or Amrita to cast away the fear, else Shadow Mitsuo will use the Ghastly Wail against you – killing any party member immediately who has fear.

You must keep attacking him and do not let him build the shell again. Once he gets knocked down again, perform the All-out attack again to completely end his story.

After clearing the dungeon, you return to face the Escapist Soldier at the 10th floor.

Escapist Soldier Optional Boss
Escapist Soldier is yet another boss that you have to face at the 10th floor. He is an optional boss of the void quest dungeon and here are his stats and skills:

Lvl. HP SP EXP Yen
 47  ?  ? 2625 1,000


  • Foul Breath: Ailment susceptibility up on one member
  • Mudoon: Darkness magic on one member
  • Blades of Fury: Medium Physical Damage to the whole 2x to 4x.
  • Mind Slice: Medium Physical damage to the whole party with a chance of panic.
  • Arm Chopper: Light Physical damage on one member and a chance of Fear.

The best strategy against the Escapist Soldier is to use the Magical attacks since he will resist Physical damage. Hence you must build a team that is better at dealing Magical damage.

Escapist Soldier will use ‘Foul Breath’ to increase ailment susceptibility. He will also use the Mind Slice to inflict physical damage.

In order to resist all this, you should either bring Yukiko or Teddie to heal the Status Ailment, or bring some healing items. Besides, he also may use the Mudoon or dark magic, which will instantly kill a party member.

So just keep inflicting Magical damage and soon he will be drained out of health. Once he is gone, check the skull and bones sprite on the wall behind.

You will find a new weapon here which is the ‘Gaia Sword’.