Persona 4 Golden Seekers Of Truth Social Link Choices Guide

An Abridged Quest called "Seekers Of Truth" is used to avoid a bad ending in Persona 4 Golden. This is also a social link between very...

In Persona 4 Golden, there might be a chance that you may have a bad ending if you make the wrong decisions along the way. An Abridged Quest called “Seekers Of Truth” is used to avoid a bad ending in Persona 4 Golden. This is also a social link between very powerful Personas that forms an investigation team. Together this team will try to unveil the one who is doing the murders around Inaba.

Here in this guide, we will take a look at how to unlock Persona 4 Golden Seekers of truth Social Link and detail on decisions:

In Persona 4 Golden, Seekers of Truth Social Link will unlock when the team agrees to put a deep investigation on the Midnight Channel. You will have a conversation with Namatame and investigate the situation.

After successfully investigating, your investigation team Rank and Personas Of the Fools Arcana level will reach a maximum. This will also unlock rank 1 of this social link in Persona 4 Golden.

Now to know how to start Persona 4 Golden Seekers of Truth, it will happen on December 3rd, the day of confronting Namatame. The story will unfold this very day, and many significant events will play out.

To get a better view of how to raise Social Link choices, we have put a list of Persona 4 Golden Social Link ranks and all respective decisions, dialogues, responses, and points earned with or without a matching persona:

Rank 2

Statement: This may be time for contemplation rather than action… That is what Igor said, but…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
He’ll be back for sure00
No use getting worked up00
Let’s think about this00

Kanji’s statement: Whaddaya think, Senpai?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Maybe it was him00
There’s something else00

Could there be something that proves this possibility…?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Namatame’s DiaryRepeats the Question
The copycat murderer
The warning letterCorrect Answer
Misuzu Hiiragi’s AlibiRepeats the Question

Chie’s statement: Hey.. could this mean…?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Namtame wrote it wrong00
The letter wasn’t for me00
Namatame Didn’t write itCorrect Answer

Rank 3

Statement: What should you ask him?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Who’d you throw in first?The prompt repeats until you ask all three questions.
Did you kill those 2 girls?
Is “saving” killing people?

What should you ask him?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Who killed the first two?The prompt repeats until you ask all three questions.
Why the warning letter?
Why did you enter the TV?

Namatame’s statement: I’m to blame for all of this.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
What done is done00
It’s still unforgivable.00

Namatame’s statement: I beg you, please find whoever’s behind this; you children are the only ones who know about that world…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
That’s our plan00
Don’t worry00

Rank 4

Statement: Yukiko’s statement: Then.., is it Adachi-chan?..

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
It’s him, all right00
We need to confirm this00
Maybe we’re imagining this.00

Rank 5

Statements: You should question Adachi…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
About when Yamano VanishedThe prompt repeats until you have chosen both of them.
About Saki’s interrogation

There is still something you need to question Adachi about…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
About the warning letter00

Kanji’s statement: Damn, So I guess we were right. What do we do now…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Let’s go in00
Let’s go tomorrow00

Rank 8

Adachi’s statement: Ohh. It’s you guys. You are very persistent…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Did you kill Ms. Yamano?00
Give it up!00
You are the real killer.00

Adachi’s statement: So.. What if I knew?…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Did you trick Namatame?00
Who else did you kill?00

Yosuke’s statement: Why..? We went through so much to get here.. and now it turns out he was pulling our strings the whole time.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
No more00
Let’s End this00

Rank 9

Statement: Adachi’s statement: We have the same power, but things turned out very differently for us.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Its because I had my friends00
You can still start over00

Yosuke’s statement: its finally over…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Thank you00

Rank 10

Teddie’s statement: it’s all yours, Sensei!..

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Okay. We did our best!00
Okay.. it’s finally over!00
Okay.. then say, ‘Wohoo’00

Learning from this table allows you to make social choices and raise your social link rank.

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