Persona 4 Golden Marie Social Link Guide

Marie is one of the characters in Persona 4 Golden who you can have a relationship with. For that, however, you need to raise her social link.

Marie is an all-new character in Persona 4 Golden who has some of the longest social links scenes in the game. She is also just not a new inclusion in name alone.

Marie is tied to some of the new P4G bonus content and ranking up her social link is how you get to enjoy that new content as well as get an opportunity to start a relationship with her in the game.

Do not forget about the deadlines of the game and put all your efforts into reaching maximum rank so you can enjoy the exclusive Dungeon in Persona 4 Golden.

To unlock Marie in Persona 4 Golden, you have to visit the Velvet Room. This process is new, as other social links are unlocked in several ways. Making Marie unique even from the start of her unlock phase.

You need to visit the room after 4/18 as she becomes available in P4 Golden. Head to the room, click on “Check on Dwellers” inside, and select “Listen to Marie’s Request“.

Marie will now appear outside the room and becomes available for you to initiate the ranking process for Marie’s social link. You do not have to worry about hanging out with Marie during your investigations as she only appears on the days you are free such as holidays, Wednesdays and weekends.

Take some time for her and rank her to the maximum level before 12/23 to gain access to the dungeon. Remember, there’s no other way to enjoy the extra content, so give her respect and time to make Persona 4 Golden journey smooth.

To rank up Marie’s social link, you have to make certain dialogues. Moreover, if you decide to make her your girlfriend, a few dialogues during rank 9 will make the difference. Additionally, it is recommended to equip the matching persona, Arcana, to gain bonus points.

Rank from 0 to 1

There will be several dialogues in this rank, but you can respond any way you want to Marie. There’s no specific response to give in this rank; after conversing, your rank level will increase to 2.

Rank from 1 to 2

Moving from rank 1 to 2 requires you to indulge in several dialogues exchange with Marie and again converse in any way you want. Give any reply to her as none will matter, and Marie’s social link will rank.

Rank from 2 to 3

To reach level 3 of Marie’s Social Link, you just have to converse with her, and some specific dialogues can provide you with extra points if you have a matching persona with Marie.

Take note that you get bonus points for the following dialogues while increasing the rank from 2 to 3 of Marie’s Social Link.

DialogueHow to respondPoints with Matching PersonaPoints without Matching Persona
“Hey, What do you do in the city?”“Play Around”32
 “People-watch.” 32
 “There’s nothing to do.”32
“Huh…? Me too?”“Let’s hurry.”32
 “You’re not going?”32
 “It’ll sell out.”32

Rank from 3 to 4

There’s only one dialogue while ranking from 3 to 4 in Marie’s Social Link that provides you with bonus points. For other dialogues, you can select any option you like.

DialogueHow to respondPoints with Matching PersonaPoints without Matching Persona
“You don’t get tired of it?”“It’s fun.”31
 “It’s pretty much my duty.”31

Rank from 4 to 5

There are no bonus points associated while climbing Marie’s social link rank from 4 to 5. However, you must wait until 7/24 for this scene to unlock in Persona 4 Golden.

Do not worry if you cannot see this scene before the time and focus on other activities in your game, such as raising your diligence to improve your social stats.

Rank from 5 to 6

There’s one dialogue that allows you to gain bonus points. However, the bonus points earned do not depend on your persona. For the remaining dialogues, you can select any as you like fit.

DialogueHow to respondPoints with Matching PersonaPoints without Matching Persona
“…Will this help?”“It’s made of bamboo.”33
 “Is it sold somewhere.”33

Rank from 6 to 7

To increase your rank for Marie’s Social Link, you can choose any option from the dialogues with Marie. However, your response to one dialogue gives you extra points, as mentioned earlier.

DialogueHow to respondPoints with Matching PersonaPoints without Matching Persona
“…That doesn’t make sense. What are they going to use them for?”“They’re works of art.”33
 “They’re antiques.”33

Rank from 7 to 8

You can select any option from the dialogues to rank your Marie’s Social link to level 8. Moreover, there are very few dialogues making this the quickest rank increase.

Rank from 8 to 9

Your relationship with Marie will take a turn during this rank-up. You can choose between romance and friendship paths. Your response to Marie’s dialogues will shape the future of your relationship with her.

Additionally, one dialogue provides you with the opportunity to cash in more bonus points while being equipped with the matching persona.

DialogueHow to respondPoints with Matching PersonaPoints without Matching Persona
“Hey, can we make more? More memories…”“I’ll help.”32
 “It’s up to you.”32
 “Don’t forget ‘em.”32

Now let’s look at the dialogues that change the path of your relationship with Marie while ranking up Marie’s Social Link in Persona 4 Golden.

DialogueHow to respondPath Chosen
“…Why?”“Because I love you.”Romance
 “Because you’re my friend.”Friendship (there will be no option to indulge in further conversation if you select this)
“… I won’t believe just words.”Give her a hugRomance
 Do not give her a hugFriendship

Rank from 9 to 10

This rank level is split between two depending on your dialogue selection during rank 9. If you decide to friendzone Marie, the following dialogue will take place, and you can get bonus points.

DialogueHow to respondPoints with Matching PersonaPoints without Matching Persona
“I wouldn’t have been able to do that on my own. I only realized that because of you.”“I’m not hearing a thank you.”00
 “It was fun”33

If you and Marie start having a relationship, your dialogue options will change, and you can earn more bonus points.

DialogueHow to respondPoints with Matching PersonaPoints without Matching Persona
Marie wanders around your room and you start the conversation“What’s Wrong?”33
 “Don’t snoop around.”33
“Memories so fun, I won’t care about the past anymore.”“Leave it to me.”33
 “Lots of memories won’t do it.”33

After completing these steps, you will reach the maximum level on Marie’s Social Link and get access to all the extra content related to Marie in Persona 4 Golden.

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