Persona 4 Golden Konishi Liquor Store Walkthrough

To help you on your way through Persona 4 Golden Former Konishi Liquor Store dungeon we have compiled a few useful tips in this walkthrough

Dealing with P4G’s first dungeon encounter can be tricky for newcomers to this much-loved JRPG series. To help you on your way through Persona 4 Golden Konishi Liquor Store dungeon we have compiled a few useful tips and insights below.

Persona 4 Golden Konishi Liquor Store

As you enter the Former Konishi Liquors Dungeon of P4 Golden, you will be met with a dialogue sequence.

Yosuke and Saki will narrate the story to you, explaining all the details. After this dialogue, you will see that a shadow has entered the arena.

Shadow Yosuke Boss Battle
Now the battle will begin with the boss of the dungeon called Shadow of Yosuke. There are a few signature attacks of the Shadow of Yosuke and if you remember those attack the fight will be easy.

First, he will attack you with the Wind of Oblivion as the fight begins. Now keep this in mind to not let this first attack hit you at the beginning, as it will get your guard down and you will be prone to more attacks coming one after another.

So, dodge or guard this attack otherwise you will get some heavy damage. Now after the first attack of Shadow of Yosuke, get back up because now it’s your turn.

Attack with the Zio to knock the boss down, this will give you another turn as well. Use this turn to attack with Cleave ability and this will get you some more damage.

Now Yosuke will also try to guard himself against your attacks every so often, and this will decrease the amount of damage your attacks can inflict onto him.

After this, the boss will repeat this cycle of attacking and guarding, and Shadow of Yosuke will again attack you with Wind of Oblivion.

So just guard against the attack and you will not be knocked down and attack right after it to get some extra hits.

Use medicine for HP increase as well as Rakukaja to raise your defenses. You will not need these things if you are playing on easy difficulty but if you are on hard mode, do use these to help you in battle.

Just repeat the process and you will be able to defeat the boss after a while and in reward you will get 3000 Yen and 100 EXP. And this will also give Yosuke his own persona.

Now an extra thing that you should do to get even more rewards from this fight is to return to the same area on May 1 or 2 and you will get a new weapon for Yosuke and a quest item as well.