How To Find Chie In Persona 4 Golden

While planning to max up a social link with any character, Chie is the one you should start with in Persona 4 Golden...

One of the very first members you will include in your party in Persona 4 is Chie Satonaka. While planning to max up a social link with any character, Chie is the one you should start with. However, you must be completely prepared enough to get into meetings with her to not waste a chunk of your precious time nurturing a stronger bond with her.

First, you must find Persona 4 Chie to perform all other activities with her. Our guide below will help you in doing the task.

Where to find Chie in Persona 4 Golden

You can find Chie in P4 Golden during the following days:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday

This means there is no chance of meeting and hanging out with Chie on rainy days. Simply get the roof of the School to find Chie in Persona 4 Golden. If you are playing the game on weekends, you must head to the shopping district’s south end.

How to build a relationship with Chie

In the storyline, Chie can be seen hanging out with Yu Narukami. The next scene comes with Chie’s training and past relations with classmates. In the meantime, you will get the chance to talk with Chie in Persona 4 and build a relationship with her as soon as possible.

There will be several dialogue selections for conversing with Chie, some of which are the best and can earn maximum rewards and benefits. You must remember to speak every dialogue in the same way, as she likes. This way, you will get other things, such as Social Stat growth.

Chie will be learning new battle abilities and skills in Persona 4 Golden, along with the time she will spend hanging out with you. As you get closer to your team members, they get hold of many new skills with time.

It is an excellent idea to prioritize in your leisure time which one of your party members you want to spend time with and boost their particular skills.

Raise your Courage Social Stat

Remember that the later stages of dialogues will require a certain level of courage social stat for you to ask Chie out. Hence, you should already have increased your courage Stat up to the required level, i.e., Rank 3 before meeting Chie at rank 2 and Rank 4 before hanging out with her at Rank 7.

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