How To Get Sengoku Era Helm In Persona 3

In Persona 3, Sengoku Era Helm is one of the items that Elizabeth will ask you to find and in return give you a reward for...

Persona 3 has various characters, items, weapons, and other rewards. You will get some of these items after completing some main quests. But there are some items as well that you can get after completing some side quests. One such reward is an outfit for your maid that you get after completing Elizabeth’s request to get a Sengoku Era Helm in Persona 3.

Persona 3 Portable Sengoku Era Helm location

Finding the Sengoku Era Helm is a side quest you can get from the velvet room by taking to Elizabeth. She will assign you different tasks to complete to receive certain rewards from her.

Players can only choose any three of Elizabeth’s requests on time. Many of these requests even have deadlines, while others require no deadline to complete them. One such request is getting a Sengoku Era Helm quest.

Under Quest No 61, Elizabeth will ask you to get a Sengoku Era Helm. To complete this request, all you have to do is go to the Gekkoukan High School and enter the faculty Office. After entering the faculty, the task is easy to complete as you just have to get your teacher’s headwear from the Faculty Room.

But to complete this task, you must visit the office regularly to increase your academic score. After getting the headwear from the faculty room in Persona 3, take it back to Elizabeth to complete the request to find Sengoku Era Helm. You will get the “Knee-High Maid” outfit as a reward.

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