How To Get Pine Resin In Persona 3

The attendants at the Velvet Room in Persona 3 have a bundle of requests for you including the one that needs you to fetch Pine Resin for...

The attendants at the Velvet Room in Persona 3 have a bundle of requests for you. Each allows you to access newer items, materials, and fusion. From these Velvet Room requests, one request needs you to fetch Persona 3 Pine Resin for Elizabeth’ in Persona 3’s Requests.

This particular request is quite specific and can only be carried out under certain conditions. Does this mean you should be worried? Of course, no; our guide below provides the procedure on where to get Pine Resin in Persona 3 Portable and complete the pine resin side quest.

Persona 3 Portable Pine Resin location

The Pine Resin request will be accessible on the list on the 30th of April, but you must be patient until May 2 (5/2) arrives. When you receive the request from Elizabeth, its detailed specifics state that the Archery Club members utilize the Pine Resin, which is probably available from one of them on 5/2.

This is the only date when you can fulfill this request in Persona 3 Portable, as you can not find it either earlier or after this date. However, after you have acquired pine resin, you have time until 5/7 to deliver it to Elizabeth.

To get the Pine Resin in P3 Portable, follow these steps:

  • On a School day (Preferably 5/2), you can go straight toward your dorm after school or do this after hanging out for some time.
  • After you arrive at the dorm in Persona 3, start a conversation with Yukari. She will be sitting with others beside the front door.
  • She is one of the Archery Members and fulfills the condition of Elizabeth (that Pine Resin is accessible to Archery Members). She will provide you with the Pine Resin after the conversation.

Bring the Persona 3 Portable Pine Resin back to the Velvet Room and complete Elizabeth’s request. You will receive a handy bow called Siren’s Song as a reward upon finding and delivering Pine Resin to Elizabeth in P3.

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