How To Get The Persona 3 Elizabeth Drink?

Persona 3 comprises requests that Elizabeth (Theodore’s sister) makes to you inclding the one in which she wants a drink that share my name.

In Persona 3 Reload, you can fulfill a series of requests for several characters, rewarding you with different items. One such character is Elizabeth, who tasks you with finding a drink being sold at a bar in town that happens to share her name.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to acquire this drink for Elizabeth. We’ll also cover the name of the bar in question and the prerequisites you must fulfill before you can get your hands on it.

Travel to Port Island City

You must go to the Que Sera Sera bar to get a drink that shares Elizabeth’s name in P3R. The drink you need to complete this request is the Queen Elizabeth cocktail.

This bar is fairly easy to find and is located on the island’s far west side. Open your town map and travel to the Port Island Station (Outskirts). Once you have traveled west of the island, you’ll see the bar (Que Sera Sera). 

Buy the drink

Next, you must approach the bar (which will be directly in front of you) and talk to the bartender. After a little back-and-forth, you’ll be able to buy the drink. Once you have the drink, travel back to Elizabeth in the velvet room to complete this request.

Completing this request will earn you some AS Generic Material, which can be used to craft several strong armor and weapons, including the Nucleus Rifle, Phalanx Shell, Rock Dog Suit, and more.

However, some requirements exist to enter the bar in Persona 3 Reload. To enter the bar, you must have the highest rank of Charm social stat, and to order this drink, you must be at the highest rank of Courage. Additionally, you must progress the story until August 8th.

How to max out charm and courage in P3R

In Persona 3, you must be at the highest level of charm and courage to enter the bar and order the Elizabeth drink; read the guide below to learn what activities will raise your ranks in charm and courage. 

  • Apply for a part-time job at Chagall Cafe and work on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to earn some charm and courage points.
  • Watching a movie can get you some courage points (if you are watching it in even-numbered months) and charm points (if you are watching it in odd-numbered months). There are no specific days for this activity, so watch it whenever you are free. 
  • Playing horror house at the game parade on Tuesday and Friday will earn some courage points. That helps you complete the request to get a drink for Elizabeth with her name on it in Persona 3.
  • If you play Print Club at the game parade on Monday and Thursday, you will earn some charm points in Persona 3.
  • If you are roaming around the city, it is better to eat Hagakure ramen to earn some charm points. 
  • If you are roaming around the city, it is better to eat Wild Duck Burger to earn some courage points. 

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