PC Version Of Journey Coming Soon, Epic Scores Game On Its Store Opening

Epic Games has announced that a PC version of Journey will soon be coming to their newly-launched store, though we don't have a release date yet.

If you’re a Playstation owner, you might have at one point picked up thatgamecompany’s relaxing coop adventure game Journey, one of their three different artwork projects disguised as video games. However, now you’ll be able to get the PC version of Journey sometime soon, only on the Epic Games store.

Journey tells the story of a small figure clad in a red robe as they make their way across an enormous desert towards a mountain. While doing so, they uncover great ruins, beautiful imagery, and terrifying machines of war in a near-silent journey that is sure to tug at your heartstrings even with the barest hints of a plot.

Players are, notably, not alone on this journey; despite the lack of a dedicated game mechanic, players might end up traveling for however briefly a time with another character that you can interact with through chiming musical notes.

Despite nearly bankrupting its developer, Journey became one of the fastest-selling Playstation games of all time, and is today seen as a classic that doesn’t require much money or time to go through. And now, with the PC version of Journey coming, a whole new group of players can experience it all over again.

A PC version of Journey will be one of the first games that are added to the new Epic Games store, which is intended to be more friendly towards smaller developers and indie titles and launched today with a number of both old and newly-released games in its catalogue. Considering it only just launched, there’s no telling what other games will be coming to the service in the future, whether through PC ports or otherwise.

Either way, if you don’t already have it on PS3 or Playstation 4, you can pick up the PC version of Journey at some point in the future when it releases exclusively on the Epic Games store.

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