Payday 3: Zipline Bag Location In 99 Boxes Heist

Zipline Bag in Payday 3, 99 Boxes heist allow you to Zipline.

Getting to the Zipline bag in Payday 3, 99 Boxes Heist is crucial as it helps you reach one of the yards to find the high-tech components. You cannot access that part of the yard without the ziplining.

The location of the Zipline bag can vary for you, but I’ll cover two locations where you can find it.

Where to find Zipline Bag in Payday 3 “99 Boxes Heist”

After hacking the Guards phone, you will get the next objective in the 99 Boxes heist to hack the computer. As you take the stairs, the computer is on the warehouse’s upper level. After hacking the computer, you will know at what part of the yard high-tech components are located. 

Get out of the Computer room and move near the door. You will find a vent here taking you to one of the Payday 3 Zipline Bag locations in 99 Boxes Heist. However, remember that you must mask up if you want to acquire the zipline bag.

Ensure you are all set to do so and get all your objectives aligned to match your strategy. The second possible Zipline Bag location in Payday 3 requires you to navigate to the main yard and head either east or west; depending on the yard, the computer tells you where the high-tech components are located.

You will find it easily by checking the containers resting on that side of the yard. The zipline bag will be found resting in one of those opened containers. After that, you must set it up according to the Yard to locate yourself to complete the remaining objectives of Payday 3 99 Boxes Heist. This is all you need to know about Zipline Bag locations in 99 Boxes heist.


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