How To Defeat Cloakers In Payday 3

The Payday 3 ninjas, Cloakers, will surprise you if you don't prepare.

The Cloakers in Payday 3 are returning enemies from the last edition of the game. The silent rushing enemy is back and packed with more agility buffs than ever.

The Cloakers belong to the special units called when the local law enforcement can’t handle you. These gritty ninjas/officers will attack first and talk later with their double-hand-wielding nightstick. These will surely kick you to the curb regardless of your preparedness. But don’t worry; I will help you defeat the Cloakers in Payday 3.

How to Kill Cloakers in Payday 3

The Cloakers host a blacked-out outfit with lightweight Armor, helping them with mobility. They will rely on their acrobatic skills to pin you down to the ground. They won’t pin you down instantly like in Payday 2 but will keep beating you until your health reaches zero.

This will immobilize you entirely until a squad member brings you back. A few new key things to remember about them are a Shrieking sound you will hear as Cloakers in Payday 3 rush toward you. The acid they now carry with them can result in your vaporizing your health packs and precious equipment.

The sound can be a bit daunting. However, it is a clear sign of their arrival, so shoot them on sight. During their attack, you’ll have a short window to get rid of them by aiming for the head or a few body shots to pin them down before they put you out of action.

Beware of the acid they now host in their toolset, destroying your equipment and health packs in Payday 3. Dealing with Cloakers before encountering other enemies is advised, as losing your equipment can impact your heist.

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