Payday 3 Apparently Won’t Have Friendly Fire, Gameplay Leaked

Leaked footage for Payday 3 has surfaced. And thanks to the commentary on it, we now know that their won't be friendly fire in the game.

Around 18 minutes of Payday 3 footage has been leaked. And thanks to the commentary in the video, we have some interesting tidbits about the game including the bit that the game won’t feature friendly fire this time around.

If you have played Payday 2 then you may already know that the game had limited friendly fire. Weapons and explosives with AoE would do damage to your teammates if they are in range or are hit by them directly. The friendly fire feature however, had mixed opinions by the community and was somewhat controversial. Now, it seems like Payday 3 won’t have friendly fire of any sort in the game.

The commentator in the leaked video can be heard (around at 11:45) saying that there is no friendly fire so we should not be worried about that. We can’t be sure if it was said for explosives as well.

Apart from that, it has also been revealed that players will be able to exchange hostages with the Police for the teammates/players who are in Police custody. It was also shared that Payday 3 is expected to 8 heists around launch period and more will be added down the road as the team did for Payday 2.

As of the gameplay itself, the leaked footage shows a typical bank robbery with different objectives. A type of heist players can expect from a Payday game. While the graphics feel quite bland, the gun play and AI seemed fine. From the looks of it, Payday 3 wants to secure the essence of Payday 2 which is ofcourse, is good thing.

As for visuals, after a decade long wait, fans might be disappointed to see those meh graphics. But again, Payday 2 also wasn’t know for visuals as well. Also, the footage that has been leaked might of an early build and the final product might look and feel better.


Payday 3 has a release date of September 21, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass service on day one as well.

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