Payday 3: Rock The Cradle Blue Keycard Location

Completing the Rock the Cradle heist in stealth mode is impossible if you don't have the Blue Keycard in Payday 3.

During the mission Rock the Cradle, you will get the objective to find the Blue Keycard in Payday 3. This task will not be easy as the location of this particular keycard will be on the belt of a bouncer in that club. To complete the Rock and Cradle mission, you must procure this keycard first to get that crypto wallet from the IT room.

This means you must create a VIP invite to access the VIP Club. Once the doors open, you can pick the Blue Keycard using your stealth tactics from the bouncer. I will be going through the events of this objective for you to acquire the Payday 3 Blue Keycard during the Rock the Cradle mission.

How to get Rock the Cradle Blue keycard in Payday 3

To keep things simple, you cannot directly steal the Blue keycard from the bouncer. There will be another bouncer on his right side who will detect you immediately.

To get the Blue keycard, you must go through the ground floor, and once you see the Neon Lounge Bar, go towards it. There, you will see a door on the left side, which will be accessible for staff members only. It will be locked, so you can lockpick it to unlock it in Payday 3.

Get the VIP Invites from the display

Afterward, you can head up the stairs and pass the DJ towards the door on the right end. This will also be locked, so lockpick it, enter the room, and interact with the computer. Moreover, you will see a display case on your right side that will be locked and require a QR code to be accessible. Furthermore, it will contain some empty VIP invites.

Get the QR Code

To get those invites, you must go back to the bar, where the club’s accountant is wandering to another room. She will have a phone on her belt, which you must scan to get the QR code. Once you do that successfully, you can return to the same room to unlock the case and get the invites.

Afterward, you can grab the invites and find an RFID writer to authenticate them in Payday 3. Head to the employee’s offices, and sure enough, you will find one near a laptop present on the table. Interact with the laptop next to it to authenticate your VIP invite. It will take a few seconds, after which you can go to the VIP area, and the bouncer there will let you in quite easily.   

Go to the right side of the Neon Loung Bar, and the bouncer will inquire about the VIP invite. Once he validates that, the doors will open, and you can enter. Instead of moving inside, you can position yourself near the corner where you can easily spot the Blue Keycard hanging on the belt of that bouncer.

Press F to simply loot/pick up the Payday 3 Blue Keycard in Rock the Cradle.

Where to use the blue keycard in Rock the Cradle

The Blue keycard will be pretty helpful during the Rock and Cradle mission if you want to complete this heist mission using stealth only. After you have successfully looted it from the bouncer, you can use it to gain access to an important room.

That will happen to be the power room, and you can quickly shut down the power to the IT room. This way, you will turn off the camera feed, making it impossible for the cameras present in the club to spot you in Payday 3.

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