Payday 3 Infamy Level Requirements: How To Unlock All Guns

By achieving Infamy Level, you can unlock several guns in Payday 3.

All Guns in Payday 3 have different Infamy Level requirements to unlock and use. The mission’s outcome varies depending on which guns you choose, as each weapon behaves differently. Some weapons, such as pistols, are suitable for short-range small targets.

On the other hand, Sniper Rifles are suitable for a long-range target with high accuracy. The same thing can be said for other guns that can be used for several applications.

How to unlock All Payday 3 Guns

To unlock all Payday 3 Guns, you must achieve a specific “Infamy Level” in the game. Doing activities such as completing “heists” and “In-game Challenges” will increase your Infamy Level.

Unlocking new guns of different categories will allow players to deal more damage to difficult enemies such as Lead Guards. You can then easily complete a new Heist Mission in Payday 3. The Infamy level requirement for all the Payday 3 guns is listed in the table below:

GunsInfamy Level Requirement
CAR-4 (Assault Rifle)“Unlocked by default.”
Signature 40 (Pistol)“Unlocked by default.”
Reinfeld 880 (Shotgun)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 2”
J&M Castigo 44 (Revolver)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 10”
SA A144 (Marksman/Sniper Rifle)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 15”
FIK PC9 (SMG)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 18”
Northwest B-9 (Assault Rifle)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 21”
STRYK 7 (Pistol)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 25”
ZIV Commando (SMG)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 29”
KU-59 (Assault Rifle)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 35”
SP Model 11 (Pistol)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 38”
Mosconi 12 Classic (Shotgun)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 43”
Reinfeld 900S (Marksman/Sniper Rifle)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 53”
Signature 403 (Pistol)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 59”
SG Compact-7 (SMG)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 65”
SFORZA Bison (Revolver)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 70”
VF-7S (Assault Rifle)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 77”

How to unlock All Payday 3 Preset Weapons

In Payday 3, you can unlock various Preset Guns by achieving the same Infamy Level. What sets the Preset Guns apart from normal guns is that you cannot change or alter the attachment that comes with them.

Don’t worry; Preset Guns come fully loaded, so you can unlock them as good to kill guards. The Infamy level requirements for all the Payday 3 Preset Guns are listed in the table below:

Preset GunsInfamy Level Requirement
Ziv Commando “Quick Murder” (SMG)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 7”
R900S “Thunder Scythe” (Marksman)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 26”
VF-7S “Featherlight” (AR)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 40”
A114 “Sentinel” (Marksman)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 49”
Castigo 44 “Tin Hammer” (Revolver)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 60”
S40 “Square Off” (Pistol)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 67”
SP M11 “Hard Cough” (Pistol)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 86”
R880 “Porch King” (Shotgun)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 93”
CAR-4 “Monument” (AR)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 100”
KU-59 “Ruthless” (AR)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 110”
Stryk 7 “Hard Liquid” (Pistol)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 125”
Bison “Long Rager” (Revolver)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 136”
Mosconi 12C “The Poacher” (Shotgun)“Unlocks at Infamy Level 150”

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