Payday 2 Weapons Guide – Tips and How To Unlock

I won’t deny the fact that strategy and teamwork are crucial in Payday 2 but the effectiveness of weapons is something that cannot be ignored especially when the task assigned is determining the outcome of the whole heist.

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Payday 2 Weapons

If you have been playing Payday 2, you must be aware of the shooting mechanism, and you must have used a few weapons that are made available initially. Now, if you want to know more about these weapons so that you can use them more effectively in different scenarios, the following guide will serve the purpose.

Most of these weapons aren’t new to the FPS genre but there are weapons that we don’t come across too often so it will be useful to have information on all of these for better outcomes. Let’s start with the assault rifles.

Payday 2 Assault Rifles

AMCAR (10,800)
This is the initial rifle you will be coming across in the game. Being the starting rifle, it seems a pretty balanced weapon.

Most of you won’t have problem with it but if you do, there is also an upgrade available which will convert it to CAR. Money available is crucial so make wise use of it.

Since it’s an assault rifle, you can use it in most of the heists. It’s a good weapon to shoot distant enemies through the windows or across the barriers.

AK (43,200)
You will be able to unlock it with the mentioned cash at reputation 4. If you are an avid FPS gamer, you must know that AKs are most common weapons used in the genre.

These weapons are usually hard to handle but once you know the use, they can be devastating. If AMCAR or its upgrade isn’t feeling right, you can give it a shot. Remember, firing in short bursts than continuous spray is always effective with these assault rifles.

CAR – 4 (43,000)
As I have mentioned before, if you don’t like the default AMCAR, you can upgrade it to CAR. It’s practically functional in any heist so if you have some cash to spare, it’s a recommended upgrade.

UAR (94,500)
You will be able to unlock it once you achieve reputation 4. The weapon is accurate but its recoil can be a problem. You can one shot an enemy if you have the aim and methods to cope with its recoil.

UAR is only recommended if you like to shoot enemies from distance and don’t like to rush in. But in Payday 2, it’s quite rare to get away with only long range shooting.

JP36 (203,400)
You will able to purchase it once you acquire 16 reputation. Overall, if you like the assault rifles with good hip fire accuracy, this is the one you should try.

The bigger magazine makes it easier to spray bullets in hip fire mode.

AK 762 (203,400)
Another AK weapon you can consider if you are looking for balanced stats. The weapon doesn’t have a big magazine so you need to make sure that your shots are hitting target.

It’s also a descent weapon to cling to for medium range encounters.

M308 (349,200)
Reputation 26 is the requirement to unlock this weapon. It’s expensive but if you like to be a marksman, it’s very effective. The ammo capacity is low as this weapon is designed to take enemies out with least number of shots.

You should make every shot count with it and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

AK5 (454,500)
The weapon will be available to unlock once you reach level 36. Like most of the other weapons in the category, it inherits the basic attributes of shooting enemies at distance.

For marksmen, the weapon can serve its purpose.

AMR-16 (547,200)
The weapon will be unlocked once you get to level 39. I will label as another marksman rifle as its based on M16 rifle.

The weapon is quite expensive so unless you have a lot of money in the bag or you aren’t happy with any of the weapons mentioned above, you can unlock it.

Payday 2 Shotguns

Apart from being fun, shotguns can be pretty effective during the heists. If you can live with the slow reload and short range, these are the weapons for you. Players with good hip fire accuracy make good use of them.

Following shotguns are included in Payday 2:

You will unlock it at teputation 13 for 162,000 cash.

You will unlock it at reputation 26 with 349,200 cash.

The weapon will be made available at reputation 39 for 547,200 cash.

Payday 2 Pistols

What if your primary weapon runs out of ammo? You switch to the secondary immediately. These weapons aren’t that effective but as supplementary, their importance cannot be denied.

Chicamoleo 88 (10,800)
It’s the initial handgun in the game. If you manage to get a silencer on it, the weapon can be useful for stealth kills.

Crosskill (20,700)
The weapon will be unlocked on level 10. Regardless of its minor flaws, players tend to use it a lot due to the fact that it’s cheap. It can do the SMG task for you but you need to be really good with it, otherwise I will recommend that you buy an SMG.

Bronco (68,400)
The revolver will be made available once your reach level 7. After deagle, it’s my favorite side weapon due its firepower. So, unless you are saving up for a deagle, Bronco can be a good side weapon to stick with.

Bernetti (68,400)
The weapon will be unlocked at level 7. The weapon gives you a good fire rate with a better hip fire accuracy. But, if you aren’t much fond of the secondary weapons and short on cash, you can easily skip this one.

Deagle (501,300)
Any FPS player will know the importance of a deagle. Its power and accuracy is great in the category and yes, many people love to carry a deagle along instead of an SMG.

You will have to wait a bit to unlock it as it will be made available on reputation 36.

Payday 2 SMGs

Side machine guns are perfect weapons for run and gun. They are usually light weight and assist mobility. So the rushers are quite fond of them.

Mark 10 (20,700)
The weapon is available when you reach level 3. If you are looking for short range damage, it must be a suitable weapon for you.

The bullets however, run out quickly and it can be annoying when you are in the middle of a fight. Best way to use it is to shuffle it with your primary weapon to increase the overall effectiveness.

Compact-5 (162,000)
It’s quite a useful SMG and does great with the CAR assault rifles. To me, both the weapons together make the perfect combo in the game. The weapon will be made available once you get to level 13.

Para (246,600)
Well, although the weapon will be unlocked at level 19, it doesn’t mean that it’s better than others. Unless you have too much to spend, the SMG is not really recommended. But again, it’s a matter of choice and you can have your own opinion.

Krinkov (394,200)
If ammo is not a major issue for you, Krinkov has a high stopping power (damage). Your primary weapon should have a plenty of weapon in order to make the combination to work.

You can take it out in the close combat areas and take out multiple enemies quickly. The weapon will be unlocked at level 29.

The weapon’s damage is almost equivalent to Mark 10. The positive part is that unlike Mark 10, the weapon’s ammo depletion is quite viable and you can do more damage than the latter SMG.

CMP (246,600)
You can unlock it at level 19 and the weapon is quite similar to that of Para.

Kobus 90 (Kobus 90)
This weapon will be made available once you reach level 36. You have heard of the P90, right?

This weapon is designed to do the similar work. But there are a couple of flaws like the recoil and clip capacity that can make you dislike it. The weapon is unlockable at level 36.

Payday 2 Mods and Vests

You can use vests for extra protection and mods (mostly attachments) can increase the effectiveness of your weapon. However, they aren’t as important as unlocking different skills. So, spend your cash wisely.

Don’t forget to add your recommendations on different weapons and how to effectively use them in different heists by commenting below!