Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Classes

All your favorite classes from the Pathfinder Tabletop have made their way into Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous!  So, we are here with our Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Classes guide to help you pick a suitable class.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Classes

Selecting your class is essential to creating your character in Pathfinder WotR and with over 25 options it can be a difficult choice.

Before you pick the class, you should consider some important factors. For example, the way you want to play, what role you want to fulfill. But overall you should pick whatever seems interesting!

Below are all 25 classes in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, along with a brief overview of what you can expect from each of them and their subclasses.


The alchemists can craft some important items that are essential for the battle. Explosives, chemical substances, and mutagens are notable amongst the alchemists’ arsenal! This can help you attack the enemy by maintaining a distance or even buff up yourself.

Alchemist subclasses

Chirurgeon – This alchemist subclass can make physical abilities better. They can also heal blindness and poison.

Grenadier – The grenadier can disable the effect of the bombs on allies. It can also gain bombs to use against the enemies to cause more destruction.

Incense Synthesizer – It can convert the explosion of the bomb into fog which allows the allies to buff and deceive the enemy.

Metamorph – This subclass is a bit different from other Alchemist subclasses, as it doesn’t rely on bombs and converts itself into animals like bears, dragons, etc instead.

Preservationist – The Preservationist can call any animal to aid.

Vivisectionist – With the evil powers being the main strength, they rely mostly on sneak attacks, wild mutations, and disgusting flesh.


Arcanists carry some special magical abilities which they inherit from their ancestors. They can use their enhanced spellcasting abilities during battle quite effectively and feature a reservoir mechanic.

Arcanist subclasses

Brown Fur Transmuter – As the name suggests, they are an expert at transmutation magic spells.

Eldritch Font – With the help of an Eldritch font, they can manipulate chances of success for their spells!

Nature Mage – Surprisingly, they carry the magical powers of Druid instead of Arcanist.

Phantasmal Mage – In exchange for learning modern Arcanist techniques, they gain metamagic abilities.

Unlettered Arcanist – They mostly depend on the magical powers of a Witch and preserve the magical powers as a secret.

White Mage – White Mage can cast spells and heal others offering essential support.


Barbarians possess great power and can cause a huge amount of damage. They have a strong physique and are resistant to lots of damage types. A great DPS frontliner

Barbarian Subclasses

Armored Hulk – Armored Hulk trades off some detection bonuses for heavy armor proficiency

Beastkin Berserker – In exchange for losing their speed, they get access to an ability that allows them to convert into a creature.

Instinctual Warrior – They sacrifice all the abilities of a Barbarian to get access to powers like Blind Fight and other rage powers to gain more strength.

Invulnerable Rager – This subclass sacrifices the abilities like Uncanny dodge and Danger Sense to become more resistible and to reduce the damage received from the enemy.

Mad Dog – In exchange for the Uncanny Dog, they get access to an animal companion.

Pack Rager – By giving damage reduction ability, they get more bonuses while fighting with teammates.


This class offers abilities that can be useful for enhancing party abilities. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a support class, as they can also keep a check and help you get over the traps successfully.

Bard Subclasses

Archaeologist – It sacrifices Inspire Courage and Inspire Competence to get a bonus against the traps and a +1 luck bonus as well.

Beast Tamer – This subclass also loses the same Inspire abilities mentioned above to get the ability to cast nature spells and tame the pets.

Dirge Bard – They are useful to enhance the abilities of allies.

Flame Dancer – This subclass has access to fire spells and can also increase the resistance of allies through flames, thus making their survival skills better.

Thundercaller – Sacrifices Inspire Competence and ability to cast fear on the enemies to gain lightning abilities.

Tranquil Whisperer – They enhance the defensive abilities of the allies by giving away Inspire abilities.


Bloodragers are a mixture of Arcane and Barbarian in terms of abilities. This class offers great strength and power. In addition to this, they can cast magical spells, thus enhancing their combat capabilities.

Bloodrager subclasses

Bloodrider – this subclass is exceptionally good at fighting with a mount. However, they lose Uncanny Dodge and Fast movement abilities.

Greenrager – They get access to summon nature’s ally.

Mixed-Blood Rager – They get excess to extra spells and are from the second bloodline.

Primalist – To enhance the rage powers, they mix their bloodline with more traditional rage powers.

Reformed Friend – This subclass is an expert to deal with evil enemies. They either belong to the Infernal or Abyssal bloodline.

Spelleater – To get access to the healing power, they consume their own spell slots!

Steelblood – With the main strength relying on heavy armor, they are quite useful for defensive purposes.


Cavalier is dedicated to the oath he has sworn. They can fight while riding on the horse and can cause a huge amount of damage, as they can move around the battlefield. This special ability gives them the chance to dominate the enemies easily.

Cavalier Subclasses

Beast Rider – As the name suggests, they sacrifice a horse to gain access to a beast. For example, a dinosaur, a mastodon, or a wolf.

Disciple of the Pike – This subclass is an expert at using spears and fighting huge creatures.

Fearsome Leaders – As the name suggests, they focus on casting fear at the enemies.

Gendarme – Gains combat feats by giving away the ability to fight with allies.

Knight of the Wall – They are very good at defensive skills.

Standard Bearer – This subclass initially gets banner bonuses and later gets access to the mounted bonuses as well.

Cavalier of the Paw – The strength of this subclass is a bonus against the huge creatures. They prefer to use dogs and wolves instead of horses.


This class is close to some deities in Pathfinder and can use their magical abilities for weakening the enemy or empowering and healing allies.

Cleric Subclasses

Angelfire Apostle – This subclass has fewer spells relatively, but greater healing power.

Crusader – With the bonus it obtains in the form of heavy armor, the defensive skills of this subclass increase exponentially.

Devilbane Priest – They are an expert at fighting demons and carry heavy armor to enhance their defensive skills.

Ecclesitheurge – Proficient in using weapons, they can enhance their spell casting ability.

Herald Caller – As the name suggests, this subclass can call animal companions to aid.

Priest of Balance – Moves around the energy spells to gain special rewards.


The Druids provide support by staying at the back. They also possess animal companions to help them during the battle. They can make the enemies more vulnerable to attack.

Druid Subclasses

Blight Druid – This subclass gives up on nature bonds to gain special nature effects. They release this spell to cause damage to the enemy.

Defender of the True World – Causes a huge amount of damage to creatures and gain big bonuses as well.

Drovier – Provides buff to allies.

Elemental Rampager – This subclass has the ability to transform.

Fay Speaker – Gains access to special magical spells that can deceive the enemy.

Primal Druid – The strength of this subclass is the animal companion in the shape of dinosaurs.


As the name suggests, the fighter is an expert at combat. This class is rather vanilla but possesses a great variety of weapons to cause a huge amount of damage.

Fighter Subclasses

Aldori Defender – Gain training in counters and parry instead of some armor.

Armiger – With the bonus in exchange for Charms and Compulsion, gains extra skill with the progress of levels.

Dragonheir Scion – By sacrificing the bravery and armor expertise, they gain access to Arcane Strike to increase the strength of hitting with the weapon.

Mutation Warrior – This subclass is an expert at crafting mutagens to gain access to powers like Feral Wings and Nauseating Flesh.

Tower Shield Specialist – As the name suggests, this subclass is an expert at Defensive skills.

Two-Handed Fighter – This subclass depends on two-handed weapons to gain access to several skills.


This class fights as a team with the animal companion. Also, they possess nature spells that they can cast on beasts to capture their abilities. They can enhance their and the animal companion’s abilities through the magical powers they have.

Hunter Subclasses

Colluding Scoundrel – Gains access to sneak attack from various creatures to attack the enemies that fight the allies.

Divine Hound – Gains bonuses against the enemies by detecting them earlier. They also deceive the enemies.

Divine Hunter – As the name suggests, this subclass gains access to special spells from a divine source.

Forester – Good at fighting and is aware of the landscape.

Urban Hunter – Focuses on weakening the enemy by making severe attacks on the enemies.


The main ability of the Inquisitor is the divine magical power that they possess. They can buff themselves, thus helping the teammates during the combat.

They carry a special ability known as teamwork feats, which allows them to provide buffs to the teammates even when the teammates don’t have them.

Inquisitor Subclasses

Faith Hunter – Gains access to bonus for one of the alignments from chaotic, lawful, good, and evil

Judge – As can be guessed from its name, it can provide allies with the judgment buff to deceive the enemies.

Monster Tactician – Calls upon monsters to aid.

Sacred Huntmaster – The animal companion gives help to deal with the enemies in this case.

Sanctified Slayer – This subclass also uses judgment skills to harm the enemy.

Tactical Leader –  The main strength is teamwork which enhances the ability to harm and cast fear.


Kineticists can convert the unimportant raw elements into useful attacking materials for the combats. They can produce effects like Kinesis to deceive the enemies, as they start assuming Kineticists as monks or sorcerers.

Kineticist Subclasses

Blood Kineticist – In exchange for Infusion talents, they gain the ability to harm the blood of enemies.

Dark Elementalist – Depends on the intelligence that they have and burns the nearby enemies.

Elemental Engine – They burn as much as they can to gain bonuses.

Kinetic Knight – Use their ability to burn using their weapons.

Overwhelming Soul – They produce powerful blasts.

Psychokineticist – This subclass uses wisdom as a weapon.


Magus can use both weapons and magic spells at the same time. They can also enhance the weapons by using their magical powers.

Magus Subclasses

Arcane Rider – Gains bonus for charges and can travel at heights up to 30 feet.

Armored Battllemage – As the name suggests, it improves the defense.

Eldritch Archer – Uses bow to cast spells effectively.

Eldritch Scion – This subclass also casts spells, but mostly casts random spells.

Hexcrafter – Buffs the allies to deceive the enemies.

Sword Saint – Proficient in using a single weapon. They sacrifice flexibility and armor but have mastered the blade.

Spell Dancer – This subclass has high speed and can make severe attacks utilizing spell and sword!


Monk doesn’t possess any kind of weapon. However, they can use their fists to attack! They also prefer to enter combat without any armor, but class bonuses make up for that deficiency.

Monks Subclasses

Quarterstaff Master – Attacks become severe with time. They can easily weaken the enemies.

Scaled Fist – This subclass provides the best armor class. With a high gain in bonus, they can also hit the enemies hard as well.

Sensei – They are an expert at encouraging the allies to be with you.

Sohei – This subclass is good at using weapons.

Traditional Monk – With the main ability Dimension Door, they can also heal themselves.

Zen Archer – Their expertise is the use of bows.

Student of Stone – This subclass is not very good at movement, but can withstand much damage.


Oracle gets the divine power from many gods, so as compared to other spellcasters, they can cast more magical spells.

They can be useful for weakening the enemies, thus making them more vulnerable. With the progress of the level, they can learn new spells.

Oracle Subclasses

Divine Herbalist – Can produce healing liquids.

Enlightened Philosopher – They are immune to traps, health losses, and can become alive after being dead for one time in a day.

Lone Strider – They can move swiftly, so they can transfer from one place to the other easily. They also gain a bonus for attacking.

Obsessed Oracle – Loses your action, but gains bonus like Uncanny Dodge.

Seeker – This subclass is good at determining and disabling the traps. Also, they have metamagic spells, so can provide buffs.

Wind Whisperer – They can call and cast lightning spells

Purifier – Good at defensive and spell casting skills.


Paladins can be useful to heal companions. They also cast spells that are effective against evil enemies. A Paladin must be lawful, so you need to take care of this fact if you are to choose this type of character.

Paladin Subclasses

Divine Guardian – Gains bonus and features for providing protection.

Divine Hunter – This subclass can operate from a distance, thus greater chance to remain safe.

Divine Scion – They can observe the enemies to gain bonus. Gets Sneak Attack for Smite Evil.

Hospitaler – Healing and causing damage are their main strengths. They also gain channel energy.

Martyr – Spills out the blood to provide buff.

Warrior of Holy Light – Uses the light to heal and buff the allies. Their power increases with time as well.

Stonelord – This subclass can withstand huge amounts of damage.


Rangers can become an expert of any kind of weapon whether melee or ranged. They can also focus on a specific enemy and develop their strengths abilities accordingly to cause more damage.

Ranger Subclasses

Demonslayer – Deals with the demons as the enemy only for bonus. They also gain Protection against Evil.

Espionage Expert – As the name suggests, detects and disables the traps.

Flame Warden – Provide fire to make your weapons more powerful. Also, gain access to fire spells.

Freebooter – They focus on a specific target to help the allies.

Nomad – With the animal companion, they are good at archery.

Stormwalker – Casts storm spells in the form of animal companions. They are also good at archery.


Rogue can hide and disappear. They can make strong attacks without being traced by the enemy. They also help to get over the traps. Let’s head towards the subclasses.

Eldritch Scoundrel – Good at casting spells.

Knife Master – They are an expert at Sneak Attack.

Rowdy – They have the ability to deal extra damage, so good at defensive skills.

Sylvan Trickster – As the name suggests, they gain access to tricks from the Witch.

Thug – Causes health losses to the enemies using sneak attacks.

Underground Chemist – They make liquids to throw them at the enemies.

Master of All – They get bonus to the skills and possess the knowledge of Bard.


Shamans are the most versatile ones in the game. You can use them as whatever you wish to according to your need. They can heal the allies, buff the teammates, and make the enemies more vulnerable. They have the most powerful spells and can cause a huge amount of damage to the enemies.

Shaman Subclasses

Possessed Shaman – Combines infinite bonus with skills and spirits in them to become formidable.

Shadow Shaman – They are good at Sneak Attack.

Spirit Hunter – As the name suggests, they destroy spirits. They also carry empowered weapons.

Spirit Warden – Gains access to skills like Death Ward, detection of future, and can make the dead alive.

Unsworn Shaman – With the minor spirits, they get some hexes as well.

Witch Doctor – Good at healing allies and causing damage. They can also handle the curse.

Wildhand Shaman – This subclass buffs your character. They are also good at fighting and have a strong physique.


Skalds tell legends of the past to make their attacks more effective. They perform poetry songs with more than one meaning to get the magical powers from the spellcasters.

Skald Subclasses

Battle Scion – They get bonuses for teamwork.

Battle Singer – As the name suggests, they sing a song to cause damage to the enemies.

Court Poet – They are much similar to bard, so they can provide a bonus of inspiration.

Demon Dancer – They bite the enemies and buffs by losing health.

Herald of the Horn – Casts spells through horn making a disturbing sound.

Hunt Caller – This subclass tracks the enemy using their scent.


They can effectively mark their target and kill it within no time. They are also good at dodging, thus having good defensive skills.

Slayer Subclasses

Arcane Enforcer – With the Arcanic abilities, they cause explosions to make attacks more effective.

Deliverer – Gains buff for dealing with the enemies.

Executioner – They are expert at killing humans, but are penalized for killing non humans.

Spawn Slayer – This subclass gets bonus for progressing through the levels.

Stygian Slayer – As the name suggests, they are an expert at killing enemies.

Vanguard – They are exceptionally brutal, so can cast fear.

Imitate – This subclass imitates other classes.


Sorcerers possess a variety of spells that they can use continuously. They can learn the spells with the progress of levels, so don’t need to prepare for the spell. To enhance their abilities, they chose a bloodline.

Sorcerer Subclasses

Crossblooded – They get skills and spells as a bonus.

Empyreal Sorcerer – They have access to holy spells.

Seeker – This subclass is an expert at traps, spells, and weakening the enemies.

Overwhelming Mage – Good at casting effective spells.

Sage Sorcerer – With the help of intelligence, they cast strong spells.

Sylvan Sorcerer – Casts spells in the same way as Druid.

Nine Tailed Heir – They get bonus feat by sacrificing the additional spells.


This is a very versatile option to go with. They can be used both for attacking and defensive purposes. Unlike clerics, they can be extremely violent if the situation demands. They also focus on finding the lost relics, healing the allies, defending the church.

Warpriest Subclasses

Champions of the Faith – With expertise in one alignment that is similar to your deity,  deities come to aid upon their call to enhance the weapons.

Cult Leader – With the ability to sneak attack, they can hide around well.

Disenchanter – They focus on deceiving the enemy through spell casting.

Feral Champions – This subclass provides you with allies by allowing you to call companions.

Proclaimer – They get near the enemy and enchant the name of their deity loudly to cause holy damage to them.

Sheildbearer – With heavy armor, they have exceptional defensive skills.


Their power comes from a mysterious source. They can cast spells on enemies to make them more vulnerable. Their strength are the strange effects like the curse and hexes that they apply to the enemy.

Witch Subclasses

Elemental Witch – Locks the elements to spell trees.

Hagbound – This subclass uses the claws to attack the enemy. They can convert themselves into a Hag as well.

Hex Channeler – They heal the good alignment only and convert the evil to good.

Ley Line Guardian – This subclass not only uses the spells but also enhances them with time.

Stagmized Witch – They carry the drawback of a curse, but can cast spells in exchange of choosing between one from Demonic, Hellbound, or plague.

Witch of the Veil – Good at dodging, thus can be deceptive.


With the main strength being spellcasting, they are quite versatile. They can cast a large number of spells during the battle on the condition that they are prepared. Their ability to specialize in a specific magic spell makes them quite effective but also limits them to that specific magic spell.

Wizard Subclasses

Arcane Bomber – They can craft Arcane bombs for explosion. Of the five schools, loses one and opposes other four.

Elemental Specialist – They can utilize elemental damage to their advantage.

Exploiter Wizard – They can utilize the spells to their advantage.

Scroll Savant – This subclass gains bonuses like spell casting, scrolling.

Spell Master – With the special metamagic spells, they keep on enhancing their spell casting abilities.

Thassilonion Specialist – This subclass has two extra spells, but cannot enter the school of the enemies.

Cruoromancer – Being locked in the specialist school, they are still able to enhance their spell casting abilities.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Prestige Classes

These classes are available when the character reaches level 5. Here are all the prestige classes.

Arcane Trickster

They are a combination of rogue and magic abilities. They can attack the enemy using their magical powers and disappear at the same time.


Assassins are skilled at killing the enemy without getting noticed. They can use several different ways to kill the enemy.

Stalwart Defender

As the name suggests, Stalwart Defenders are very good at defensive skills. They can be useful to reduce damage.

Eldritch Knight

They cast magic spells from a distance. They can be good at severe fights and can also mold themselves according to the situation.

Dragon Disciple

Dragon Disciples can use magic spells and become a dragon. This makes then receive bonus ability scores and lets them use dragon powers during combat.


The powers of Hellknight increases with time. Knights have powers according to their order and possess a huge variety of abilities.

Mystic Theurge

They can cast two spells of magic simultaneously. They can use their magical powers to both help the allies and cause damage to the enemies as well, so they are a good option.


Duelists are an expert at dodging the enemies. They exchange the armor with the bonus doge ability to make dodging capabilities more effective. This helps them cause more damage.

Aldori Swordlord

They are very good at using swords. They can use various ways and don’t stick to any specific way to use the sword. This increases the effectiveness of their attack on their enemies, as it becomes difficult for enemies to judge the attack.

Student of War

Student of War uses his mind to enhance their skills through research and study. This constant increase in their abilities makes them formidable against their enemies.

Hellknight Signifer

With the special magical powers, Hellknight Signifiers are relentless against the enemies. They never are merciful to the enemies, so they fight with great strength.


Loremasters believe that knowledge is the biggest power. The mind of a Loremaster grows with time, so their capabilities are enhanced as age increases.

Winter Witches

With the powers from mysterious sources, they are really difficult to deal with. They can also cast magical spells which can include some special effects as well.

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