Paragon Has More Than 7 Million Registered Players, New Game Modes And Reworks Coming

Paragon appeared on the MOBA market last year and despite being made by Epic Games and on their new Unreal Engine 4, it seemed that the game simply failed to take off and hit big in the genre which is currently dominated by the trinity of League of Legends, Dota 2 and Smite.

However, a new report from Epic Games suggests that Paragon may have been more popular than many thought, partly due to its availability and cross-play features on Sony’s PS4 console. Epic Games has revealed that Paragon currently has 7.3 million registered players across both PC and PS4.

Of course, this figure is for the number of registered players and it is possible that a huge chunk of these players simply stopped playing after a few hours, as the game didn’t fit their expectations. There is no denying that Paragon’s initial design was rocky and given how long the matches lasted, it would become a chore to stick around for long. For that very reason, Epic released the Monolith update for the game in order to speed things up and make the game more action-oriented.

The news update also talks more about Epic’s plans for the future of Paragon and how they will continue to tweak things and shift the meta in order to keep the game engaging for long time fans and new players.

Building up on the Monolith update, Paragon will once again be going through an overhaul for the Card system and character attack speeds and speed up the base rate of the economy. Even the visuals of the map will be improved and will continue to improve over time. Most of these changes will be implemented in the version 42 update which drops in August.

Epic also revealed that in the future, they intend to add more gameplay modes include a brawler mode for a more fast paced and casual experience that would last 10-15 minutes. A vast majority of the game’s characters will also be reworked.


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