Report: Epic Games to Bring Paragon for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has a massive list of developers/publishers working on titles that are yet to be discussed. Among those developers, we have the hugely popular, Epic Games.

Ever since Nintendo announced its partnerships there have been rumors circulating the digital realm, predicting the arrival of Paragon for Nintendo Switch.

Paragon is a free to play MOBA that directly takes on SMITE and aims to compete with the likes of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. It is a great game, addictive, fun, and would be even better if we are able to play it on the go; which we may soon will! According to a report from a source close to Epic Games, Paragon for Nintendo Switch is happening.

Now, unlike my source that predicted Dark Souls 3 DLC reveal and Nintendo Switch using Nvidia’s custom TEGRA, this one is a relatively new source so take this lightly for now, until we do a little more digging.

Epic makes its living by working on F2P games like Paragon, Fortnight, Unreal Tournament and more. It also allows developers to use its Unreal Engine for game development and the studio is helping many developers to bring UE4 games to Nintendo Switch. Epic Games is unlikely to be working on a new game just for Nintendo Switch which means one of its current projects is going to make its way to Switch at some point.

Paragon for Nintendo Switch is a promising idea but in order to achieve it, the game would need to be properly optimized for the platform, possibly downgraded. It would take Epic Games some more time before it is ready to show Paragon for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s E3 2017 event may bring us some news but until then, keep your fingers crossed!

Would you like to see Paragon for Nintendo Switch?

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