Paper Mario The Origami King Gooper Blooper Boss Guide

Have you made to the Yellow Streamer section of the game and a squid headed foe is now towering over your boat? In this Paper Mario Origami King Gooper Blooper Boss guide, we will talk you through all that you need to know to defeat the squid-like Gooper Blooper Boss.

Paper Mario The Origami King Gooper Blooper

Gooper Blooper Boss will block your way with its tentacles when you’re aboard The Princess Peach ship. You will instantly notice that its tentacles have surrounded the complete front end of your ship.

However, there is nothing to worry about here and the most difficult aspect of the battle would be that it is a real-time battle, unlike all other boss battles that have followed it so far. But it’s nothing you can’t take care of without a bit of timing and good reflexes.

At the beginning of the battle, Gooper Blooper Boss will try to crush you with its gigantic tentacles.

These tentacles should be your biggest concern for now. You will see these tentacles coming from a mile apart, and you’ll have plenty of time to dodge them.

Avoiding a tentacle attack would not be the end of the battle. Each attack will send a water ring your way which you’ll have to dodge by jumping over it.

By the time you have jumped over the water ring, the tentacle will still be resting on your ship’s deck. Be up on your feet and land it a blow with your hammer.

Once Gooper Blooper sees that its tentacle attacks are not doing the trick, it will rise from the water and throw ink all across the deck.

Now, you have something else to worry about as well. you’ll have to be careful not to get stuck up in the ink as it will slow you down, leaving you more vulnerable to the attacks.

After that, its attacks will increase and you will have to dodge more tentacles and water rings every second.

Once all of its tentacles have been taken care of, Gooper Blooper will jump aboard itself and immediately throw fresh ink across the deck.

It will keep throwing this ink periodically while it’s onboard.

Make sure you don’t go goofing around the monster just yet, it still has two small tentacles that could be used to drain your health.

It will keep on smashing those tiny tentacles on the ground, and you’ll have to dodge the water rings that form as a result. But the real trouble begins when the boss starts spinning.

This is when it will send a couple of water waves your way. You can dodge them by jumping diagonally.

Afterward, it will become dizzy and this is when you attack. Try attacking the seal on one of its eyes, as it will deal it more damage.

Do it a couple of times, and you’ve successfully defeated Gooper Blooper Boss.

It will take you hardly four minutes to take down this boss. Well, I mean it has ‘Blooper’ in its name, what else were you expecting?

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