Paper Mario The Origami King Princess Peach Guide

After the large boulder in Sweetpaper Valley, you’ll find yourself on a luxurious cruise ship dedicated to the Princess herself. This Paper Mario The Origami King Princess Peach guide will help you with all the steps for this 2nd Yellow Streamer level, along with the location for every collectible present on the map in this guide for Paper Mario The Origami King.

Paper Mario The Origami King Princess Peach

We have listed the complete walkthrough of Princess Peach level below including the location of all the collectibles.

Boarding the Cruise
As you get on board, you’ll meet Bob-omb who will ask you to find the elevator and get to the VIP Room.

Hole 1,2 and 3 – You will be able to find three holes at the stern of the ship, around the pool.

Secret Block 1 – Head to the railing at the back. Go behind the stairs and head to the left, at the end you’ll find a chest.

Hole 4 – You can find the fourth hole after going up the stairs and reaching the deck. The hole is right at the corner.


Hole 5 – Fix the fifth hole on by smokestack.

Chest 1 – Open the chest right next to the smokestack to get a MAX UP Heart +20!

After opening the chest, you’ll be pitted against two Fire Bros. You can either fight them or run away. Once you’re done dealing with them, use the gap in the railing to drop back down to the spot where you initially boarded. You can now enter the next area of the level, the Main Hall.

The Main Hall
Walking through the main hall it’s important that you stay wary of Origami Snifits.

Hole 6 – Right after entering the room, turn right, and fix the hole in the wall.

Hole 7 – Found in the same room, towards the center.

Hole 8 – Found left of the 7th hole.

Toad 1 – Hammer the Toad to the left of the 8th hole, in the corner.

Leave the trophy for now, and head to the elevator. Origami Soldiers will jump you, deal with them, and use the elevator, which will tell you that you need to turn the power on. Head to the Engine room at the bottom of the ship.

Hole 9 – Fix the 9th hole right in front of the double doors and go through the doors to enter the lounge.

The Peachy Keen Lounge
Toad 2 – Rescue the second Toad on the cruise, by hammering the pink origami bottle on top of the shelf just behind the bar.

Hole 10 – Fix the tenth hole at the center of the room.

Once the wave battle finishes, hammer the shelf below the picture frame. Se the shelf and reach the top. Use your hammer on the broken window to jump to the next area.

Use the Save Block on the port. Use the double doors and a cut-scene will initiate with Bob-omb thanking Mario. Use the crew entrance on the starboard side to head to the next area.

Crew Quarters
After you enter into the Crew Quarters, fight the Snifit behind the staircase. Beating him will reward you with a Mushroom.

Hole 11 – Go to the back wall and use confetti to fix the 11th hole.

You can get a flashy hammer by hitting the ?-Block at the center of the room. Descend the ladder afterwards and get to the Hold below, be careful of Snifits.

Toad 3 – Hammer the large box at the corner of the room, you should see toad’s head popping out a little.

Hole 12 – Found near the ladder to the left side of the room.

Hole 13 – Behind the ladder.

Hole 14 – Break the boxes at the back of the room. Jump on the boxes that remain to get to the hole.

Hole 15 – Keep walking forward after Hole 14, and jump the gap to find the 15th hole on the left wall.

Use the door in the right corner at the back and continue through the hallway to find yourself in the Engine Room. Head down the stairs after using the Save Block.

Hole 16 – Fix the 16th hole on the right wall as you descend the stairs.

Fight the wave of Scuttlebugs and then fix the generator by using your confetti. Check the console next to it and you’ll find out there’s a missing component.

Head back to Crew Quarters by retracing your steps back through the stairs, and up the ladder.

Go up the stairs to the left wall of the Crew Quarters to find the Wheelhouse. Head up the stairs, and Bob-omb will have found a Toad in trouble, who will be automatically rescued.

Use the door at the top of the stairs, to enter the Wheelhouse. Going through the door will trigger the origami Spikes. Clear the Spikes before trying to beat the Shy Guys.

Chest 2 -Once the battle ends, find the chest next to the wall with the pictures of Princess Peach on it.

Head to the right corner, hammer the shattered glass, and collect the lever.

Power it Up!
Insert the lever back into the generator in the Engine Room. Hit the lever with your hammer a few times. Use the save block by heading up the stairs from the Engine Room.

You’ll now be able to see a railing near the save block due to the light. Pass through the gap between the posts and drop to the back of the Engine room.

Hole 18, and 19 – Fix the holes in this area.

Toad 4 – Another Toad is found next to the Holes.

Toad 5 – Rescue the fourth Toad in the back of the Engine Room. Pull him out of the console.

The VIP Area
Exit the Engine Room, and you’ll discover black ink that slows you down. Jump continuously to traverse it. Use the ladder to get to Crew Quarters and use the front door to get to the deck.

Head right and you’ll find that the debris has cleared out. Keep going right and you’ll enter the Main Hall. Use the elevator to go to the floor above.

Secret Block 2 – Jump to the right corner and hit the ?-Block to find Shiny Iron Boots inside.

Use the door to enter the VIP Suite, and inside you’ll find a lockbox along with a heart that you can use to heal.

Exit the room after the cutscene, go through the ink and head left. Defeat the Toad that needs help to defeat the enemy blocking the door.

Toad 6 – Save the Toad in the hall next to the VIP Suite. You can find Toad stuck right at the edge of the ink. Pull the Toad out to rescue it.

Defeat the Scuttlebug to be able to use the door. Head down the stairs to reach the Crew Quarters.

Use the front door to head outside. It’s time to fight a boss, so save up, and heal yourself using a Mushroom if you got one.

Paper Macho Gooper Blooper
The fight with Gooper Blooper is all about timing. Jump and run to avoid any incoming shockwaves and tentacle attacks. As a tentacle is about to slam down onto the deck, jump to avoid it.

Hit the tentacle with your hammer right after dodging the shockwave.

When Gooper Blooper gets enraged, he’ll start slamming tentacles everywhere, along with spewing ink all over the place.

Avoid the ink, and jump over the shockwaves, try not to let your attention waver.

Once you’ve taken out the tentacles, Gooper will produce a shockwave by slamming his tentacles in. Use your hammer to hit the eye to your left.

After breaking this seal, Gooper will start spinning, since you can’t damage him in this phase, the best thing to do is just run. During the cooldown after the Spin Attack, he’s wide open.

Hit the Blooper thrice to end the fight.

Defeating Gooper Blooper will rescue the rest of the Toads on the ship.

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