Palworld Skill Fruit Tree Locations

Gather the fruits for more active abilities.

In Palworld, the Skill Fruit Tree is a magical tree that yields fruits that can unlock various Active skills for your pals. While the skill fruit trees are in fixed locations, the type of fruit you get from a tree is random. So you can end up with a water-based skill fruit from a tree in the ice region.

One skill fruit tree in Palworld gives out three random fruits. If your desired skill fruit isn’t available on a tree, make sure to revisit it later once the fruits respawn for a different selection of skills.

These trees are spread all over the map but lucky for you, we have started compiling the locations of each skill fruit tree we find.

To use a Skill Fruit in Palworld, you just need to right-click on the fruit, and the list of possible pals who can learn the skill from it will be shown. Then click on the Pal you want to teach the ability to, and voila, you are done. Once the active skill has been unlocked, that pal will use the ability during combat in Palworld according to its cooldown time and battle intensity.


We will continue updating this guide as we discover more Skill Fruit Trees in Palworld so you can collect every ability your Pals could need. Once again, keep in mind that the fruit on these trees respawn, so keep on returning to these Skill Fruit Tree locations to gather more.

1. North from Grassy Behemoth travel point

Let’s start off with two Skill Fruit trees that are very close to the starting point. Go north from the starting spawn point until you reach the Grassy Behemoth Hills fast travel point. From here, you can either use your flying mount to go across the river towards the cliff to find the tree or loop around the path and reach the other side.

If you choose to use land instead of flying, you’ll come across another Skill tree just beside the first one, so make sure to look for that, too.

2. West from Plateau of Beginning travel point

For the next set of skill fruit trees in Palworld, go west from the beginning island towards the Small Settlement. From here, go up the stacked planes or mountains to find a skill fruit tree almost on the topmost point.

Once you have harvested 3 skill fruits from the first tree, go down from the west side, and you’ll locate another skill fruit tree here.

3. Across the river from Small Cove travel point

For the next two skill fruit trees, continue west from the last point until you reach the Small Cove. From here, look down around the water to see a tree by the shore.

Another Skill Fruit tree is found just below the Sea Breeze Archipelago Church point. Go down from the first skill tree point, and you’ll find it on the southeastern side of the island.

4. Near Mossanda Forest

For this Skill tree, go up the Mossanda Forest, as it is just across the water body from the forest’s edge, and reach the volcano. Then, look near the base of the said volcano to find a skill tree. This one is a little bit hidden so you will have to look for it carefully.

5. Above the Sealed Realm of the Guardian

Another Skill Tree is found just beside the Sealed realm of the Guardian travel point. Go a little towards the north, and you’ll see a lake after a steep path. On the shore there would be a skill fruit tree. Be careful as this place is mostly surrounded by some enemies. Just pray they haven’t stolen any fruit before you get there.

6. In front of the Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue

This one is the easiest. Look for the giant Anubis Statue beside Mount Obsidian. This statue is huge, making it easier to spot. Once found, look right in front of it, between its paws on the ground, to find a Skill tree.

7. Fly up from the Investigator’s Fork checkpoint

Travel to the Investigator’s Fork travel point and look for a cliff with an extended area. Fly up and look around the cliff to find the tree. This area has some other trees, too, so it can sometimes be hard to locate.

8. Nouth from the Cinnamon Forest

Go north from the Cinnamon forest until you reach the edge of the land by the water. On this edge of Cinnamon Forest, you will be able to spot the skill fruit tree easily.

9. Near Forgotten Island Church Ruins travel point

Northwest of the map, there is a small island that can be seen from the start of the game. Travel to it using the travel point and then look down towards a very low lake with multiple levels of land stacked by the walls. On one of these pieces of land, you’ll find the Skill fruit tree.

10. West of Ruined Fortress City

Land on the Ruined Fortress City area and go west towards the ruined structures. Right in front of these, you’ll find a Skill fruit tree on a clear patch of land.

11. On the Mount Flopie Summit

This is very simple to see. Travel to the Mount Flopie Summit travel point and keep going upward until you reach the edge of the cliff, and you’ll see the Skill Fruit Tree. Be careful, as this area is filled with Beegarde.

12. South of the Marsh Island travel point

Go south from the Marsh Island Travel point to find two more skill fruit trees in Palworld. Look for a rocky structure with water, and you will spot a skill fruit tree nearby. Now, for the second skill fruit tree, go down, and you’ll find a cave-like structure underneath. You’ll find the other skill fruit tree in that cave.

13. North from the Sand Dunes Entrance point

Go North until you reach the Sand Dune Entrance which is over the water. From here, keep going up the hills, and you’ll find a Skill Fruit tree on top.

14. Near the Duneshelter

The next skill fruit tree in Palworld is also in the desert. Go further up to the Duneshelter. You can fast travel here or continue from the last location. Travel up the ascending levels until you see the fruit tree.

15. North East from Unthawable Lake

Either fly from the desert or travel up from the Unthawable Lake. At the small connecting point between the desert and icy region, you’ll find another Skill Tree.

16. Above the PAL Genetic Research Unit

The last Skill fruit tree I have found so far is in the Icy area, northmost of the map. In this place, find the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower and travel point. From here, go straight north, and you’ll soon find the tree in the open with some Cryolinx surrounding it.

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