How To Get Gunpowder In Palworld

Your guns need bullets and bullets need gunpowder.

Gunpowder is a bit of a high-tier material in Palworld, and rightly so, since it allows you to use assault rifles and other guns to take on high-level Pals and bosses. Without a solid way to get gunpowder in Palworld, you will quickly run out of ammo in fights and will have to rely on weak bows and melee weapons.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to get your hands on gunpowder in Palworld and then make as much ammo as you need for the fights that await you.

How to get gunpowder from pals

The easiest and the earliest way through which you can get gunpowder in Palworld is by defeating a capturing Tocotoco, a green Pal that looks a bit like a Toucan. Tocotoco can be identified by its unique green appearance with a red and yellow mohawk.

How To Get Gunpowder In Palworld

You will come across a group of Tocotoco while traveling in the northeastern direction from the Investigator’s Fork waypoint until you reach the seashore area in Palworld. You should engage these Pals individually, as they can be hard to deal with as a collective group.

This little destructive pal can produce eggs that explode and can also throw those explosive eggs at you, so it’s best to target the Tocotoco with ranged attacks first to bring down its health and then kill it individually.

Keep in mind that usually, Tocotoco ranges between levels 25 to 27, so capturing or defeating it will require some effort on your behalf. However, I have occasionally found some low-level Tocotocos near the Desolate Church. Once you eliminate or capture it, you will get 1-3 gunpowder per Tocotoco.

How to unlock Gunpowder recipe in Palworld

In order to unlock the material called Gunpowder in Palworld, you will need to reach a required level first. Once you reach level 21, you can unlock the ability to make Gunpowder from the Technology section, using regular Technology Points. However, you can’t make gunpowder at a primitive workbench. For that, you will need a High-Quality Workbench.

Once you unlock Gunpowder, you will notice that there are only two crucial resources required for crafting this specific material. These will include Charcoal (x2) and Sulfur (x1). While Charcoal is something you can make yourself at a Primitive Furnace, to get Sulfur in Palworld, you will need to find some good farming spots.

How to farm Sulfur to craft Gunpowder

The best place to farm Sulfur for crafting Gunpowder will be to make your way south of the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance waypoint in Palworld. There, you will find large yellow nodes of Sulfur just waiting to be mined with your pickaxe.

You can also enter the dungeons at the Mount Obsidian area to find large chunks of Sulfur there, but often times, these will be guarded by Leezpunks or other fire-elemental Pals who will instantly attack you so get rid of them first and then mine as much Sulfur as you can get your hands on. Then, you can return to your Base to start the Gunpowder crafting process in Palworld.


Make sure to capture a Leezpunk, as this specific Pal is also an excellent dungeon detector and will help you in finding dungeons with relative ease in Palworld.

Craft Gunpowder and ammo using Sulfur

Once you have gathered/ farmed a sufficient amount of Sulfur, you can then proceed to Build a Primitive Furnace and burn some wood to get a good amount of Charcoal for crafting Gunpowder. You can unlock the furnace relatively early when you reach level 10 in Palworld.

Once you have enough sulfur and charcoal ready for the amount of gunpowder you need, head to a High-Quality Workbench. The workbench is unlocked at level 11, so you should already have it at your base instead of a Primitive Workbench.

However, crafting gunpowder is just the start. You can’t use it in your guns without first converting that gunpowder into ammo. To make ammo in Palworld, you need gunpowder as well as ingots. Combine these at a Weapon Workbench to make coarse ammo.

Keep in mind that coarse ammo is the most basic type of ammo and higher quality ones for better weapons will require more items. But gunpowder is one item that is always needed for ammo.

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