How To Get Electric Organs In Palworld

Learn how to get your hands on these small electrified parts.

Once the base is set up and players have a steady supply of basics, it is now time to set up electricity. To store or generate electricity for your base in Palworld, you need Electric Organs. These electric organs have other uses as well, but powering up your base is the main one.

By the time you get to needing electric organs, you will have already noticed a pattern when it comes to Organs. They are always dropped when killing or capturing a Pal of that specific element type.

How to farm Electric Organs in Palworld

Electric Organs, like Fire or Ice organs, can only be collected as a drop from Electric-type pals. To farm Electric Organs, you’ll need to capture or kill electric pals, which would then drop the electric organ.

The best place to farm Electric Organs in Palworld is the Bridge of Twin Knights. This is because it is quite close to the starting point, which ensures that the pals would be of lower levels and thus easier to kill. To farm from this point, first, make sure to have another fast travel point nearby, the ideal would be Desolate church.

Now travel to the Bridge of Twin Knights and look for Jolthog or Sparkit. There would be around 4 to 5 of these pals here. They would run away as soon as you got near them. To counter this problem, keep a crossbow with you, and one shot would likely kill them.

Stay close to the travel point so that you can travel back. Travel to the Desolate Church and look for pals here, too. Keep doing this as each travel resets the area. After a few turns, you would have enough. This is the fastest way to get Electric organs.

Another way you can get the Pals to respawn is to go far away, preferably by flying, from the fast travel point. Then come back as this also resets the area around the travel point.

Electric Pal locations

You will encounter Electric-type Pals early in the game and in abundance. Sparkit is a great choice to farm for Electric Organs in Palworld as it is near Desolate Church and Rayne Syndicate Tower, pretty close to the Pleateu of Beginnings starting area.

All the Electric-type pals and their locations in Palword are:

Pal NameLocation
BeakonDeep Sand Dunes
DazziSand Dunes and Duneshelter
GrizzboltNo. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary
JolthogBridge of Twin Knights, Desolate Church
Mossanda LuxCombination of Mossanda and Grizzbolt
OrserkNo. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
RayhoundSand Dunes and Duneshelter
Relaxaurus LuxCombination of Relaxaurus and Sparkit
SparkitDesolate Church and surrounding areas + Anubis Desert
UnivoltDeep Bamboo Thicket and surrounding areas

Where to buy Electric Organs in Palworld?

If you aren’t interested in looking for Electric-type Pals, you can also buy and get as many Electric Organs as you want from Wandering Merchants in Palworld.

Each Electric Organ costs 200 gold, so be prepared to spend a lot if you go this route. The easiest and the first Wandering Merchant you come across to buy Electric Organs is found in the Small Settlement (75, -476).

What are Electric Organs used for

There are several items that electric organs are used in making after the electric supply becomes part of the base.

ItemDescriptionRequired Amount
Antique Lamp SetProvides illumination3
Ceiling LampLights up the area below the base.3
Electric MineElectrocutes when come in contact with Pals2
Electric PylonImprove the efficiency of electricity generation.30
Emergency Exit SignDecorative sign set1
LampProvides illumination3
Power GeneratorGenerates and stores electricity for general use20
Street Lamp SetLamp set that provides illumination3

You can also make some weapons in Palworld using Electric organs.

WeaponDescriptionRequired Amount
Shock GrenadeDetonates on impact dealing 750 damage. Used for mid-range combat.1
Stun BatonElectrocutes pals upon contact making the pals easier to be captured.30

Furthermore, the electric organs are also used to make gear for Pals, which are:

  • Beakon Saddle
  • Helzephyr Saddle
  • Jolthog’s Gloves
  • Rayhound Saddle
  • Suzaku Saddle
  • Univolt Saddle
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