Palworld Lunaris Location And How To Catch

Increases your carrying capacity for starters.

One of the best Pals you can get your hands on in Palworld is Lunaris, found on the Palpagos Island as a level 32 boss. The fight against it may be dangerous and the chances for a catch are low, but the trouble is worth it!

With the help of its amazing abilities, Lunaris is very useful in building, crafting, farming, and moving items. Unlike many other Pals in the game though, this one can only be found at only one location and is a guaranteed find.

If you don’t know where to look for it, then we’ve got you covered. This guide details everything you need to know about Lunaris, including its location, how to catch it, and what it does.

How to find Lunaris in Palworld

Lunaris is a level 32 boss that can be found inside the Sea Breeze Archipelago (south). This area is located a little to the southwest of Windswept Island – the spawn grounds.


There’s a Syndicate Camp nearby. We suggest clearing it out before facing off against Lunaris.

The specific location of this Pal is to the northwest of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach fast travel point.

When you’re ready, you can head inside the Sealed Realm of the Esoteric, i.e. the Lunaris dungeon to fight the boss. Remember that this is a level 32 area, so you must reach the requirements first.

How to catch Lunaris in Palworld

Lunaris is a Neutral type boss, which means that it is weak to Dark-type Pals. Some of the best Pals you can bring along in this fight are Nox, Daedream, and Depresso, but make sure that they are high enough of a level to beat a level 32 boss.

For example, if you have brought a Daedream into the fight, then you can use its skill to summon other Pals into the fight, greatly increasing your chances of a win. However, whatever Pal you do bring, make sure that they do not finish off the boss before you can claim it as your own.

If you are good enough, then you can even beat the boss with just a few well-placed headshots with a pistol, without the need to use Pals.


If you manage to Lunaris, it has a chance to drop Paldium Fragments.

To catch Lunaris in Palworld, you must make sure to call your Pals back when it is weak enough. We recommend using a higher rarity Pal Sphere because Lunaris is difficult to catch with standard ones.

The better the Sphere you use, the higher the chance you have of catching the boss. If you’re short on Spheres, you can always use Vixy’s “Dig Here!” ability to stack up on them.

There is another way to potentially get a Lunaris in Palworld. You can try cross-breeding low-level Direhowls and Roobys to obtain the Pal.

What does Lunaris do?

Lunaris comes equipped with three different abilities in its Work Suitability: Handiwork (level 3), Gathering (level 1), and Transporting (level 1). The Handiwork ability is the most useful one as it helps you with building and crafting.

The Gathering and Transporting abilities are not too bad either – the former allows Lunaris to harvest crops while the latter transports items across your base.

Apart from that, Lunaris also comes equipped with the Antigravity partner skill, which can be pretty effective in increasing your carrying capacity. Lastly, the Pal maxes out at level 50, gaining several abilities like Air Canon, Pal Shot, and Power Bomb.

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