How To Increase Base Storage In Palworld

Let go of those small, no good chests already and get yourself something better.

As you run around collecting resources in Palworld, you will notice that you get slower and slower. This is because your player only has a limited storage capacity. This debuff can only be increased by putting your points in the Weight stat as you level up. With time, this becomes insufficient, and you need to keep items in storage at your base.

At first, you only have a Wooden Chest that can store a few items. As you progress, this form of storage becomes insignificant as well, and you eventually need to increase your base storage in Palworld. Thankfully, doing that isn’t very difficult. Read on to learn more about how to your storage and the best storage options you have in the game.

How to get more Base Storage in Palworld

Once you reach level 2 in Palworld, unlock the first, most basic form of storage on your base – the Wooden Chest. The recipe costs 1 Technology Point to unlock while crafting the whole thing requires 5 Stone and 15 Wood.

In the initial stages of the game, this mere box of Wood is enough to keep most of your belongings safe. As you play through the game and level up, you are bound to expand your base and hence your storage capacity as well.

As such, you must look for other ways to increase your base storage capacity in Palworld because just a Wooden Box wouldn’t cut it. This is because although you can place as many of them in your base as you want, having a lot of them in one place can become quite hectic.

As you level up your character, more and more storage options are unlocked which serve the same purpose better than a Wooden Chest because it only contains 10 slots. For example, you unlock the Wooden Barrel Shelf at level 8 which offers 15 slots.

Therefore, the Wooden Barrel Shelf is a more suitable option to store stuff in compared to a normal Wooden Chest. Do keep in mind that each different form of storage has its own crafting requirements as well – for the Wooden Barrel Shelf, you need 70 Wood and 10 Stone, which is much more than the standard Chest.

The best storage item to get in Palworld would be the Refined Metal Chest because it offers the most amount of storage slots (40) while also covering a lesser area of your base. Keep in mind that it does cost a lot to craft though – you need 50 Wood, 20 Nails, and 20 Refined Ingots.

Even though Large Containers also have 40 storage slots as well, they take up a lot more space on your base compared to the former, which is why they aren’t a suitable storage option in the long term.

Keep in mind that you first have to unlock the recipe of each storage structure from the Technology menu. These will cost a variable amount of Technology Points to unlock, which is why we recommend stacking up on a lot to make the process of getting storage items faster.


You can get Technology Points for beating Alpha/Dungeon bosses and clearing out Syndicate Towers.

All Storage Structures in Palworld

If you’re interested in expanding your base storage in Palworld, you may want to look at all the storage structures available. That way, you can decide which one is optimal for your base depending on the level it is unlocked, its crafting requirements, and the number of storage slots it offers.

We have listed together all of that information in the table below.

Storage StructureUnlocked at LevelCrafting RequirementsStorage Slots
Wooden Chest215 Wood, 5 Stone10
Wooden Box830 Wood, 5 Stone10
Wooden Shelf840 Wood, 2 Nail10
Wooden Barrel830 Wood, 5 Stone8
Wooden Barrel Shelf870 Wood, 10 Stone15
Wooden Wall Shelf820 Wood, 5 Stone2
Antique Bookshelf1440 Wood, 2 Nail10
Antique Wardrobe1470 Wood, 5 Nail20
Antique Chest1430 Wood, 10 Ingot10
Antique Side Chest1415 Wood, 3 Ingot7
Iron Wall Shelf1415 Wood, 10 Ingot3
Iron Shelf2620 Ingot, 1 Nail15
Long Iron Shelf2620 Ingot, 2 Nail15
Orange Locker2630 Ingot, 3 Nail20
Locker3230 Ingot, 3 Nail20
Large Container32100 Ingot40
Small Container3220 Wood, 10 Ingot10
Cloth Covered Container3250 Wood, 10 Ingot, 2 Cloth10
Refined Metal Chest4950 Wood, 20 Refined Ingot, 20 Nail40

It is important to note that some storage items can only be used to store food, such as Feed Box, Refrigerator, and Cooler. In the list above, we have only mentioned the ones that can store any available item in the game.

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