Overwatch 2 Custom Games: Best Workshop Codes for Aim Training

Overwatch 2 is a very competitive game but if you want a more chill experience and to play with your...

Overwatch 2 is a very competitive game but if you want a more chill experience and to play with your friends, you can do so by setting up a custom match.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the custom match feature of Overwatch 2.

How to setup custom games in Overwatch 2

It is quite simple to set up a lobby for a custom game in Overwatch 2. Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the OW2 menu and select Play
  • Choose the option for Custom Games
  • Select Create Game

Once you’ve done so, your lobby will be created and you can customize it according to your preference by going to settings.

You can choose a name for your match in the menu and decide who has access to the game from Everyone, Friends Only and Invite Only options.

You can also choose AI for enemies or play with others by inviting them.

The lobby host can also choose which game mode they want for the match through Preset in Settings. The standard Quick and Competitive Play modes are present but you can also choose Arcade or Workshop in a custom match.

The rest of the settings in this feature are quite standard and include altering the modes, changing the size of the lobby or its rules, as well as restricting maps and heroes. You’ll see the option to save your lobby and share it on the right.

How to activate Workshop Codes in Overwatch 2

You can get Workshop Codes from workshop.codes. These 5-digit codes can be activated by opening settings after creating a custom game. From the settings, you need to click on the import code button from the overview and then simply type or copy the desired code.

Best Workshop Codes for aim training

Here are the best codes that you can use to improve your skills and practice for sharp aim.

Aim Strafing Trainer: The code for this workshop is A9FBX and you’ll be able to practice your aim against moving targets.

Aerial Aim Trainer: It has the code TKBR3 and will enable you to practice aim against targets flying above the ground such as Pharah and Echo.

1v1 Arena: In this workshop, you are put against different heroes and you need to come up at the top to win 50 points. The code for this is TXCXX.

1v1 Meta Arena: This workshop enables you to change your hero according to you before the fight and has the code METDP.

Heroes Minigames Mode: This mode is a collection of fun games such as racing, shooting, and tagging which you can play one by one. The code for this mode is W468T.

How to play 6v6 in OW2

Since custom games give you complete control over match settings, rules, and more. If you are missing the old style of 6v6 matches in OW2 then you can play those as well.

You can easily set up a 6v6 lobby in OW2 through the custom game settings.

Once you have created your lobby, go to its settings. You’ll see an option for max players allowed on the team and set this number up to 6 will let you play a 6v6 match.

Do keep in mind that since there is no official word from Blizzard regarding this, it is possible that 6v6 in OW2 might just be a glitch and will get patched soon.

If that is the case, it’s best to enjoy it with your friends while you can. If not then, well enjoy playing with the OW1 meta in OW2.

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