Outriders Worldslayer Legendary Gear Farming

This Outriders Worldslayer guide will look into the ultimate gear farming method to get you equipped with legendary loot.

While starting their adventures in Outriders Worldslayers, players will need powerful weapons, armor, and builds to protect themselves and their partners in the dark universe. Farming gear in Worldslayer can be hectic, especially since you will be facing loads of enemies on your way; however, we’ve found a safe method. This Outriders Worldslayer guide will look into the ultimate gear farming method to obtain the best legendary gear without compromising on your health pool. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Outriders Worldslayer Legendary Gear Farming

Being present on a deadly planet where everything is ready to eat you alive, you sure as hell need a reliable gear set. Getting your hands on some powerful gear in the first few levels will not only ensure you a great amount of safety, but it will also immensely increase your game progression as well. Following are some of the ways players can farm gear in Outriders Worldslayers.

This ultimate gear farming method involves players having their characters in somewhat of an advanced level, such as level 30+. You can technically do this while being on the starting levels; however, the process will be a bit slower.

To start the process, head over to your stash and max it out to full capacity. Now head over to your character tabs and create a new character. If you have filled slots for the characters beforehand, you will have to delete one of them.

Once you have a character made of your choice, head to the lobby regardless of your level. It will give you the option ‘Where Do You Want To Start?’ Go ahead and select ‘Worldslayer.’ This will boost your character to level 30.

Once that’s done, go ahead and continue. You’ll have different classes as options in front of you. Select the one you want the gear for and then load it into the game. You’ll find yourself in a sandy area with many camps around. Basically the endgame area of base game.

Now go to your inventory, mark everything you picked out, and dismantle them. This will leave you with a load of titanium, more than you even need.

Then go back into the game and approach Tiago. Being at an advanced level will help you out at this point as it will help you interact with Tiago. It must be mentioned that in lower levels, only a few vendors are available for players to interact with. Therefore you should try leveling up your character beforehand going for gear farming.

Now, select the Sell tab upon interacting with Tiago and sell him your dismantled material. This will leave you with plenty of Drop Pod currency you can use to buy all the needed stuff!

Once that’s done, go to your Buy tab, and you’ll have your elite offers. Moreover, you’ll also have the reroll option here that only costs 100. Extremely cheap in comparison to the price had you been a high-level character. Every reroll will provide you with better options and unique sets.

Select the gear and weapons you need, and then transfer them over to the character you want them to go to. Then, switch over to that character, and voila! You have brand new gear with upgraded weapons and sets! This process can be repeated as many times as players want, and it allows players to get every mod in the game within minutes!

And there you have it. With the right execution and patience during this process, you’ll be able to farm plenty of legendary gear and will be loaded to take on Apocalypse tiers.

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