Outriders Worldslayer Apocalypse Tiers Guide

Remember the Challenge Tier system of Outriders? That has been replaced with a brand new Apocalypse Tier system with the...

Remember the Challenge Tier system of Outriders? That has been replaced with a brand new Apocalypse Tier system with the release of its Worldslayer expansion.

Apocalypse Tiers function the same as Challenge Tiers by allowing you to increase the overall difficulty of the game. The only difference is that Apocalypse Tiers offer more changes (or freedom) to maximize the loot you receive as rewards for completing various activities on each tier.

The following guide will help you understand how Apocalypse Tiers work in Outriders Worldslayer.

How To Unlock and Increase Apocalypse Tiers

If you are new to Outriders, Apocalypse Tiers are just difficulty settings that make activities in the game more challenging for greater rewards.

You start your journey at Apocalypse Tier 1 which grants no access to any difficulty scaling or difficulty modifiers. To unlock more Apocalypse Tiers, you have to play the game at the highest available Apocalypse Tier. So you have to play at Apocalypse Tier 5 to earn enough XP to level up to Apocalypse Tier 6.

You will automatically be set to the highest available Apocalypse Tier but you can change your Apocalypse Tier at any point through the menu.

There are a total of 40 tiers with the release of the Worldslayer expansion and you will have to reach Apocalypse Tier 40 to build the best possible character with the best possible gear.

As you progress through the Apocalypse Tier system, you will get access to loot modifiers. For example, after reaching Apocalypse Tier 6, enemies will increase in difficulty to deal more damage with a higher health pool. However, you will gain an increased chance of looting epic and legendary Apocalyptic gear as well as an increased chance of loot rarity bonus.

Apocalypse Tier Rewards

The higher the difficulty, the better will be the loot and the rewards you acquire. Apocalypse Tier not only grants bonus rewards but also adds buffs to your character such as Max Health, Cooldown Reduction, Life Leech, Status Power, and Healing Received.

The Apocalypse system hence works in tandem with the new PAX Tree and Ascension systems that are all tied up with progression. Gaining new skills, passives, skills, and buffs from each system will help improve your character for the endgame.

The type of loot you get totally depends upon what Tier you’re on. For example, if you’re at Apocalypse Tier 1, you will receive rewards according to the difficulty of that Tier.
If you’re at Tier 15, you’ll get rewarded with level 50 items while at Tier 40 will increase the level cap to 75%.

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