Octopath Traveler Way Through The Woods Quest Guide

Octopath Traveler Way Through the Woods is a side quest that takes you to the Bolderfall region. The objective of the quest is to reunite the loving and caring wife with her husband, who works away from his home to provide for his family.

You can attempt this quest early in the game without worrying about the level of enemies you might encounter. So let’s just get the lovers reunited in Octopath Traveler by completing Way Through the Woods quest.

How to start the quest

You can only start the quest after completing H’aanit chapter 1. Having Ophilia or Primrose in your squad is essential as they provide the ability that helps you complete the quest.

Additionally, if you want to make the husband and wife reunion possible, complete Therion’s chapter 1. This will ensure that the husband spawns at the proper position in the Bolderfall area.

Talk to Genteel Madam, found in S’warkii town, to start the quest, and she will explain how she cannot stay away from her husband but is afraid of going alone through the dark woods.

Way Through the Woods walkthrough

To escort Genteel Madam to her husband, you are required to use Allure/ Guide action. You can only use these by having Primrose or Ophilia in your group. Press Y and make Genteel Madam travel with you.


Travel to Bolderfall

Traveling becomes very easy when you have visited the areas and opened the fast travel access for your squad. If you have already visited this area, just open your map to teleport there along with Madam.

For your first time, travel from the route that takes you from the north S’warkki trail to the west S’warki Trail. Follow the path to reach the north Bolderfall pass and move east toward the Bolderfall town.

Reunite the couple

Head south from your starting point and cross the group of people standing next to a house. You need to make a sharp left turn after crossing them. You will find the husband near some boxes. Interact with the Industrious Husband, and he will explain how he’s working too hard for the sake of his wife.

The Genteel Madam and Industrious Husband will indulge in their love affair and greet you for bringing them together. This will mark the Octopath Traveler Way Through the Woods quest completion.

You will receive 1x Magic Nut, 1x Critical Nut and 1500 Leaves as a reward for completing this quest.

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