Octopath Traveler Theracio’s Tutelage Quest Guide

Theracio's Tutelage is a three-part side quest in Octopath Traveler where you have to help out Theracio, an inexperienced professor.

Theracio’s Tutelage is a three-part side quest in Octopath Traveler where you have to help out Theracio, an inexperienced professor working at the Royal Academy.

You will find out that he is having trouble with a money lender. This will mark the first part of the side quest. In the second part, you will need to find a learning tool for Theracio so that he can teach children. In the third and final part of the side quest, you will have to head out to find his missing professor.

Before starting the Octopath Traveler Theracio’s Tutelage side quest, make sure to have Olberic, Therion, and Ophilia in your party. Their skills and abilities are going to come in handy in these quests.

Theracio’s Tutelage (I) walkthrough

The prerequisites of this side quest will involve Theracio being hounded by vicious moneylenders. He has already repaid his parents’ debt, but he is being threatened by these people.  You will encounter Theracio with the shifty moneylender at the “Atlasdam” after completing Cyrus’s Chapter 1.

Before engaging the money lender you can steal his possessions which include “Essence of Grape”. Then you can either provoke him or challenge him to a duel. If you are going with Olberic then you should attack the shifty moneylender with Sword as this is one of his weaknesses.

Once you defeat him you will receive “1500 coins and Invigorating Nut” as rewards in Octopath Traveler. After this Theracio will thank you for giving him the courage to speak against the moneylender.

Theracio’s Tutelage (II) walkthrough

To access this side quest you will need to meet with Theracio at the Noblecourt in between Chapters 2 and 3. He will be pleased to meet you and will mention having no tools for learning to study.

You will have to go to the Junk Collector at the Noble court to purchase or steal the Tools of Learning. So you will have to use Therion to complete this mission.

You can interact with the Junk Collector and buy the item for “2660 coins”. If you are unable to purchase them then you can simply steal them from the Junk Collector and bring them back to Theracio.

Keep in mind that in order to steal it you should have a skill Lvl 42. After you give him the required item he will thank you and you will be rewarded with 6600 coins and Invigorating Nut (M).

Theracio’s Tutelage (III) walkthrough

To complete this side mission you will need either Ophilia or Primrose. It is because you need to bring someone back to Theracio and you will require their “Guide” ability. The quest giver “Theracio” can be found in Wispermill, and you will have to complete the fourth chapter of Ophilia’s quest.

In this quest, you will be looking for his former professor who is known as “Professor Bastete”. You can find her in “Claerbrook” right below the graveyard. Once you reach her all you need to do is talk to her and guide her back to meet with Theracio. This way you will be able to complete this side quest Theracio’s Tutelage III with relative ease.

You will receive the following items as a reward for completing this quest:

  • 11000 coins
  • Teacher’s Hat
  • Invigorating Nut (L)
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