How To Get The Rune Glaive In Octopath Traveler

There are multiple ways to acquire the Octopath Traveler Rune Glaive. It is essential to know them to get the Glaive. Read to learn more!

Octopath Traveler has many weapons and enhancements which you can use in combat. From these weapons, the Battle-Tested weapons and the Forbidden Weapons are among the best. These weapons will make short work of anything you use them against. Amongst these weapons is an excellent spear called the Rune Glaive. It has great stats and will serve you well on your journey.  

There are multiple ways to acquire the Octopath Traveler Rune Glaive. It is essential to know them to get the Glaive. 

How to get the Rune Glaive in Octopath Traveler

The Octopath Traveler Rune Glaive is available only after you have progressed through the game till a certain point. You must complete Tressa’s and Therion’s storylines until Chapter 4 of their respective tales.

Then you need to play through and complete the Mikk and Makk Made Good side quest. This will unlock after you have hit the required mark in Tressa’s Therion’s storylines. 

When all the prerequisites are completed, head over to the Grandport markets. There, look for a merchant with a blue hat in the second area.

You can either purchase or steal it from him using the thief. You will need 42,250 Leaves to buy the glaive. This can be done only once because the merchant will not restock the Rune Glaive. 

You can also acquire this weapon by Challenging or Provoking Leon Bastralle. He can be found in Rippletide. It is possible to get more than one Rune Glaive with this method. However, the chance of doing so is only 5%. 

What does the Rune Glaive do? 

Rune Glaive is a powerful weapon and thus can be equipped to deal considerable damage to your enemy. As a spear, it will deal extra damage to enemies with elemental damage.

It has a physical attack of +120 and elemental Attack damage of +363. Moreover, it also gives an Evasion of +48 to the character wielding it. 

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