Octopath Traveler Orlick Boss Guide

Orlick and his lackeys do a lot of damage in Octopath Traveler. You need to know his weaknesses or else perish.

Orlick is one of the enemy bosses that you will come across during the second chapter of Octopath Traveler. He is a delusional character who is obsessed with his research and does not trust anyone.

This particular boss fight will be challenging for you as the enemy attacks carry quite a punch in terms of damage ratings. Moreover, if you are not prepared in terms of support items like healing then this fight will become hectic as well.

You will have to take down his lackeys first, then the golem, and finally Orlick himself. However, if you target their weakness and take his support out first you will be able to overcome this boss fight with relative ease.

Orlick location

You will encounter Orlick during Chapter 2 of Therion’s story in Orlick’s Manse. At that time you will be searching the manse for a specific item.

As you make your way to collect the first ruby dragon stone Orlick will intercede accompanied by his 2 bodyguards as well in Octopath Traveler.

He will mock you for failing to steal the dragon stone.  After that Orlick will try to take the stone for himself as he wants to research it. Once you try to reason with him he will become angry and engage you in a fight along with both of his guards as well.

Orlick weaknesses

Orlick is a tough boss to beat since he is surrounded by his lackeys, and he can summon a Golem to aid him as well.

However, in terms of weapon weakness, Orlick can sustain heavy damage from Polearm attacks, Dagger attacks, and Axe attacks. For the elemental weakness, he is susceptible to both “Wind and Light attacks”.

As for these bodyguards, they can be damaged by Sword and Staff attacks. You can also use Ice and Dark attacks to take their SP down as well.

Lastly, Orlick’s Golem can be taken out using Dagger and Bow attacks. As for the elemental attacks, you should resort to fire and wind attacks to defeat them in Octopath Traveler.

Orlick special attacks

Orlick’s attack carries quite a punch and during the fight, you will have to keep restoring the HP your party members lose as well.

His heavy attacks can take out a significant chunk of your Hp and you have to watch out for them in order to prepare for a counterattack.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
AttackOrlick uses this basic attack to inflict damage of ‘400’ on your character.
HackThis move is used by Orlick’s bodyguard. They use this attack three times on a single turn and cause a damage rating of ‘100’ on each attack.
Magic MissileThis is Orlick’s special move which can cause massive damage and results in ‘600’ damage on your character.
AugmentationOrlick uses this move to reinforce the elemental attacks augmenting his bodyguard’s attacks as well.
Mighty SlashHe uses this to target everyone in your party with a moderate attack resulting in a damage of ‘500’.
RageOrlick uses this deadly attack to target all of your party members which results in damage of ‘700’. Furthermore, if his golem joins in with the lightning bolt attack the damage output increases to ‘1000’
Activate ConstructMidway into battle, Orlick uses this move to activate a giant golem. His shield points also increase, and his weaknesses are also changed as well.
Orlick is ChannelingIn this attack, Orlick takes a turn to channel up the arcane energy. He proceeds with a heavy damage attack in the form of “Magic Grenade” on the next move with a damage rating of ‘890’ on all your party members.
Lightning BoltRemember the golem he created; well this attack comes from it. This attack inflicts ‘350 to 370’ damage on everyone in your party.
Overhead BashThe Golem uses this attack to physically assault one character from your party causing damage of ‘350’
Double StrikeThe Golem’s attack is doubled targeting a single ally from your team with a combined damage rating of ‘400’ on both strikes.

How to defeat Orlick in Octopath Traveler

To defeat Orlick in Octopath Traveler, you will need to target his bodyguards first. As Orlick has “7 Shield Points (SP)” whereas his lackeys have a single SP. They will increase their defense to 2 SP so focus on breaking them first and after that, you can then deal with Orlick himself.

Start out by using Cyrus’ scholar skills to weaken the enemy defenses then proceed with Therion’s dagger attacks followed by H’aanit’s “hunter skills” like “leghold trap” to deal heavy damage on both Orlick and his accomplices.

You need to make sure that you replenish your teammate’s HP and SP to keep the tide of the battle in your favor.

After you take them out, Orlick’s weaknesses will be unlocked, and you can then attack accordingly. Make sure to use Ophelia’s cleric skill Luminescence to deal a light attack on Orlick.

You can also use Therion’s thief abilities here like stealing SP and sharing SP from Orlick with your party members.

Once you bring down Orlick’s shield points to 2 SP he will channel his arcane energies to summon the Golem to aid him. The Golem will have “8 SP” and its shields can be broken using dagger and bow attacks.

As the Golem nears his last SP you can finish both Orlick and his Golem off by using H’annit’s Arrowstorm to deal the finishing blow. This way you will win the Orlick Boss fight with relative ease in Octopath Traveler.

Best party for Orlick

The Best party to face Orlick in this Boss fight includes:

She can use her Cleric Skill “Luminescence” to deal light-based damage on Orlick and his bodyguards. Ophelia’s divine skill “Aelfric’s Auspices” can benefit all your party members.

As for three turns, skills performed by one of your allies will trigger twice. Lastly, she can also use “Holy Light” to inflict light-based damage on Orlick.

You can Therion’s dagger attacks on Orlick and his accomplices as this is one of his major weaknesses. He can also use his thief skill “Steal SP” to attack Orlick twice with a dagger and steal SP equivalent to the five percent damage he deals on this enemy boss.

Similarly, he can also use the skill “Share SP” to grant SP equivalent to fifty percent of Orlick’s current SP to one of your party members as well.

She can utilize her Hunter skills “Leghold Trap” to cause Orlick to act at the end of the turn for 2 turns. Moreover, H’aanit can use Beast Lore to summon the beast “Linde” for a sweep attack against Orlick.

She can also deploy the hunter skill “Take Aim”  to increase your team members’ critical rate and accuracy for 2 turns. After that, use her Draefendi’s Rage to unleash a highly powerful bow attack on both Orlick and his lackeys.

He can make use of his Scholar Skills “Blizzard” to deal Ice damage twice on Orlick and his lackeys. Similarly, he can also use Analyze to reveal the Hp and weakness of Orlick in this boss fight.

This in turn will also increase Cyrus HP by ‘221’ points as well. Moreover, he can also resort to using the “Fire Storm” attack which will deal fire damage to both Orlick and his golem in Octopath Traveler.

What else to bring to the fight?

In order to win this fight you need to keep your Health and SP up during the fight. Make use of Therion’s thief skill for that matter.

Moreover, you can use healing items like “Olive of Life (M), Energizing Pomegranate (M), etc.” to replenish the health you lose during the Orlick boss fights in Octopath Traveler.

Orlick drops

  • Inspiriting Plum (M)
  • Inspiriting Plum Basket
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