Octopath Traveler Mattias Boss Guide

You will face Mattias at the end of Ophilia’s story chapters in Octopath Traveler. What’s unique about this boss fight is that Mattias has several shields at his disposal making damage-dealing a difficult process.

During the fight, Mattias will call for help by summoning two Black Matter and two Senior Cultists.

You can easily defeat him as long as you have a healer in your party that will heal the heavy damage done by the magic attacks. The rest of the attacks can be reflected off with the help of the Reflective Veil.

Mattias location

In Octopath Traveler, you will come across Matias at the end of Ophilia’s Chapter 4. You need to travel to a place in the Flatlands called Ebony Grotto located on the Continent of Osterra.

Mattias weaknesses

As far as Matias’s weakness towards physical attributes goes, he is weak towards Ice and light. To deal maximum damage, you should choose attacks related to that. Meanwhile, you can select weapons like Swords and Axes to deal further damage.

Mattias special attacks

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Consuming DarknessConsuming Darkness will deal maximum damage to one single enemy.
Black GaleWith this attack, Matias will be able to deal significant damage to all the enemies. This is done by summoning 2 Black Matter to his side.
Dark BlessingAll the nearby enemies will take magic damage
Infernal PrayerThe enemies will get more physical damage and Matias will get his turn early.
Black ThunderWith Black Thunder, all the nearby enemies will get large damage due to the charge attack.

How to defeat Mattias in Octopath Traveler

As soon as the fight with Matias begins, the only defense he has is the 4 shields that will reproduce two at a time to a maximum of 8.


To deal maximum damage, you should choose to attack him with weapons targeting his elemental weaknesses. This is because Matias is weak towards his elemental and weapons weakness in the first phase of the fight.

During the second phase of the fight, Matias will summon 2 Senior Cultists on his side. After their appearance, Matias will not get damaged by magic attacks.

Similarly, his weaknesses will be slashed in half. To deal further damage to him, you first need to eliminate these Senior Cultists first.

Just like Senior Cultist, Matias will also summon Black Magic to his side. This time, you can deal magic damage to Matias, but he will now not be vulnerable to any of his weaknesses.

To protect yourself against Matias’s deadly magic attacks, you can use Reflective Veil which will bounce the attack off you.

For the rest of the physical attacks, you can rely on your party to protect you. Talking of parties, you need to have at least two healers on your side to rejuvenate you after all the Matia attacks.

Mattias drops

Once you have defeated Matias in Octopath Traveler, he will drop the following materials:

  • Mattias’ Sceptor

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