Octopath Traveler Manymaws Boss Guide

Manymaws is an optional mini-boss in Octopath Traveler that looks like a mutated sea creature with multiple heads.

Defeating Manymaws is an easy job because of the low health pool. The only thing you need to look for while fighting is the status ailment Foul Odour which can inflict ailments like sleep, confusion, and Blindness to the party.

To deal with the status ailment, you can bring Alfyn to the party that is essentially resistant to this. Meanwhile, to deal physical damage, you can bring a Merchant that will break his shield with Donate BP.

Manymaws location

In Octopath Traveler, you will encounter Manymaws at the end of the Derelict Mine located in Cliftlands. The mine can be accessed from the mining town of Quarrycrest as well as from the South Quarrycrest Pass.

Manymaws weaknesses

In terms of weapons weakness, Manymaws is weak against Sword and Axes in Octopath Traveler. Meanwhile, the physical attribute weakness of Manymaws lies in Fire attacks. Hitting him with these attacks will ensure maximum damage.

Manymaws special attacks

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Toxic BreathWith Toxic Breath, your whole party will get Elemental Damage from Manymaws. Meanwhile, there is also a chance to inflict poison damage for the next 4 turns.
Lower CriticalAny one of your party members will get a debuff and get their critical damage reduced for the next 3 turns.
Foul OdourFor the next 2-5 turns, Foul Odour can inflict any one of the following ailments on the entire party: Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, and Blindness.

How to defeat Manymaws in Octopath Traveler

As soon as the fight with the Manymaws begins, you can bash him with attacks that target his weaknesses. This will maximize the damage done to him.


As for defense, you need to bring Alfyn to the boss fight as he is resistant to status ailment Foul Odour. This status ailment if inflicted can cause Sleep, Confusion, or Silence which can be a little annoying.

Alfyn Boosting Balm will also cure any party member inflicted with Foul Odour status ailment. Meanwhile, you can cause BP damage to Manymaws to lower the defenses by using the Merchant skill Donate BP.

To rejuvenate your and the party’s health, you can use the Dance skill Sealticge’s Seduction. If this skill is used with Rehabilitate, your party will get resistant to the status ailment for the next eight turns.

If the status ailments are handled the right way, you can defeat the Manymaws within no time.

Manymaws Drops

  • Revitalizing Jam
  • Carnage Blade

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