Octopath Traveler Derelict Mine Guide

The following guide will tell you how to reach the Derelict Mines in Octopath Traveler, and the enemies and boss you will encounter inside.

Octopath Traveler has 15 optional dungeons for you to complete for additional and unique rewards. That includes the Derelict Mine, a dungeon location you are likely going to save for later.

The Derelict Mines contain Manymaws, a mini-boss that has the Carnage Blade. This weapon lowers the physical attack stats of its target, making it one of the best weapons to get in Octopath Traveler.

The mines also contain several other rewards such as a Conscious Stone to stop your character from fainting, an Inspiriting Plum (M) to restore SP, an Olive of Life (L) to revive a fallen party member, and a Wind Soulstone (L) to do massive wind damage.

The following guide will tell you how to reach the Derelict Mines in Octopath Traveler, the enemies you will encounter inside, the boss you need to defeat at the end, and the drop rates of all of the items you can loot in the mines.

How to get to the Derelict Mine in Octopath Traveler

To reach the Derelict Mine location in Octopath Traveler, all you have to do is go to the mining town of Quarrycrest in the Cliftlands region. This is also the Chapter 2 setting for both Cyrus and Tressa in the game.

You can also reach the Derelict Mines through the South Quarrycrest Pass.

Derelict Mine enemies and their weaknesses

There are 10 different enemies that you will encounter while exploring the Derelict Mines in Octopath Traveler. Some of these are going to be easy to defeat, but others are a bit tricky unless you know their weaknesses.

Take note that Derelict Mines have some good items to loot in Octopath Traveler. However, these items have a small chance of dropping from certain enemy types.

Below you will find all of the items you can loot in the Derelict Mine and their drop rates. You will also get to know which enemies you need to grind to increase your item drop rates.

EnemyPre-Boss WeaknessesPost-Boss WeaknessesItem Drop Rate
Marionette BonesStaves, Wing, LightStaves, Wing, Light 10% of Herb of Clarity
Puppet BonesStaves, Fire, LightStaves, Fire, Light 10% of Herb of Clarity  
Brawler BonesAxes, Stave, Fire, LightAxes, Stave, Fire, Light 4% of Olive of Life (M) 
Flame CuratorPolearms, Bows, Staves, IcePolearms, Bows, Staves, Ice4% of Fire Soulstone
Fire ElementalIce, WindIce, Wind4% of Fire Soulstone (L)
Dark CuratorPolearms, Bows, Staves, LightPolearms, Bows, Staves, Light4% of Shadow Soulstone
Dark ElementalFire, lightFire, light 4% of Shadow Soulstone (L)
Skulking FungoidPolearms, IcePolearms, Ice 15% of Herb of Clamor
Mutant MushroomDaggers, FireDaggers, Fire 15% of Herb of Healing
Skull RollerPolearms, Ice, DarkPolearms, Ice, Dark 6% of Olive of Life
Manymaws N/ASwords, Axes, Fire3% of Revitalizing Jam

Manymaws boss and its weaknesses

Once you manage to reach the end of the Derelict Mine, you will encounter the Manymaws mini-boss in Octopath Traveler. This plant-like creature needs to be defeated if you want to loot the powerful Carnage Blade.

Manymaws is highly weak against Swords, Axes, and Fire. You are highly advised to bring Alfyn to this boss fight. He can use his skills to cure status ailments and is also resistant towards Manymaws’s Foul Odor, an attack executed that inflicts all five status ailments on each member of your team: confusion, poison, sleep, silence, and blindness.    

When you defeat Manymaws, you will have a 3 percent chance of randomly encountering Manymaws in the Derelict Mine. This time though, have H’aanit in your party to capture Manymaws through her Beast Lore talent.

How to get the Derelict Mine hidden chest in the east

There are several treasure chests to loot in the Derelict Mines. While exploring, you are likely to notice a chest in the bottom right of the map, or east of the mines.

Getting to this hidden treasure chest is tricky in Octopath Traveler because you are not going to find any direct path.

To get it, go to the platform above it. There’s a tiny crack in the wall there that leads right down to it. It will give you 10kg.

To get to this hidden treasure chest in the Derelict Mine, you need to first go to the platform above it. Once there, find a small crack in the wall next to a flaming torch. This is a hidden entrance that will lead you down to the chest.

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