Octopath Traveler Lost In Translation Quest Guide

Lost in Translation is a side story where you have to help a Bookbinder translate some of his foreign books and tomes in Octopath Traveler.

Lost in Translation is a little side story you can complete in Octopath Traveler for some Leaves as well as an Exotic Garb that restores Spirit Points (SP) at the end of each turn.

Do note that you can also obtain the Exotic Garb from Captain Raaf in Marsalim Palace and by beating the Prideful Warrior in Victors Hollow.

Since the Lost in Translation side quest is pretty small, this is the easiest way to obtain the Exotic Garb if you are looking to boost your SP gains.

How to start the quest

You need to speak with the Bookbinder to begin this quest. Make your way to Stonegard Heights in the Highlands region to find him in his house which is located west of Yvon’s Birthplace.

Something else you should keep in mind before starting Lost in Translation is that you need either Ophilia or Primrose in your party.

Lost in Translation walkthrough

The bookbinder will tell you that you need to find Exotic Grandma in order to translate a tome. That is the only objective of this side quest regardless of whether you have Ophilia or Primrose in your party.

You need to now make your way to Rippletide which is located west of Coastlands. You will recognize this location if you have completed the first chapter of Tressa Colzione’s story as Rippletide is her home.

This also means that you cannot complete Lost in Translation if you have not completed Tressa’s Chapter 1.

Exotic Grandma can be found on the south side of Rippletide, at the end of a pier. Start from the Inn and take a left. Keep going straight until you reach a small bridge. This is where you will find her.

Use Guide or Allure

Your next step is to bring Exotic Grandma back to the Bookbinder. However, she is not going to be so easy to convince.

If you have Ophilia in your party, you can use the Guide path action to escort Exotic Grandma back to Stonegard Heights. If you have Primrose in your party, you can use the Allure path action to lead her back.

You will complete the Lost in Translation quest when Exotic Grandma returns to help the Bookbinder to translate the book. From here on, you will always find her in Stonegard Heights near the Bookbinder.


The Bookbinder will give you the following rewards for helping him with his book-translation problems:

  • 6,500 Leaves
  • Exotic Garb

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