Octopath Traveler Leveling Guide – How To Level Up Fast, EXP Farming Tips

Being a JRPG with emphasis on character, weapons, and skill upgrades, players are bound to face trouble when fighting off high-leveled boss enemies or even some chapters that are locked until a certain level. Since not all players would love to sidetrack and explore the different regions to search for gear and ways of gaining experience, we have highlighted some less tiring ways of earning enough XP to Level up. Our Octopath Traveler Leveling Guide will help you power-level through the game.

Octopath Traveler Leveling

How much XP you are able to earn depends on the specific enemies you will face in a given chapter. Therefore, each chapter will have their own way that works best as farming for XP.

In the beginning chapter of the game, no matter whichever character you have chosen, Carion Caves is the best location for quickly obtaining a decent amount of XP.

This place is located in South Bolderfall Pass. Since the foes here are tough, as they should be for higher reward, you will need some good class-based weapons like spears, bows, and abilities like Wind Magic or H’annit’s Arrowstorm.

Moreover, Soul Stones will help you to take down even rare enemies here like Cait that will reward you with an astounding 1000 XP. Lastly, make sure you have support units like Primrose at the party and you and your party is equipped with healing items.

After reaching Chapter #2, it is recommended to play through the story dungeon twice each time with a different party to maximize your XP reward. Throughout the game, irrespective of the level, you can use Primrose’s Bewildering Grace to apply a multiplier to the experience you gain when eliminating enemies.

Later in the game, you would be able to obtain a special item, Alluring Ribbon by completing a side quest from an NPC in Marsalim. This will mean you encounter more enemies and thus get more XP when you put them down.

When you are around Level 15, there is an elaborate way you can go about for earning experience points. First, make your way to Level 45 area, the town of Grandport. No need to take on a fight with any of the foes here, not yet. Proceed to a save point at the inn, save your progress so far. Now move to the west entrance of the town and look for the signpost there.

What you are most likely to encounter here are two Greater Kingfishers who will net you with a decent 609 XP when defeated and it is not very difficult if you adopt a simple strategy. A Cleric should always heal the party to counter the effects of the highly damaging Meteor Storm attack sent out by these creatures.

As for offense, use H’annit’s Arrowstorm for Wind Damage and a warrior with Thousand Spears skill. The rest two characters should be equipped with bow and polearm since these Kingfishers are quite vulnerable against these tools.

This method will help you Level up to Level 35 through repeated encounters. Only then, should you venture out and look for other possible places to grind and upgrade your character. Generally, it is best to be within the league of your enemy’s rank.

Do not fight a 60 Level enemy when your own character is half that rank unless you want an early death. Follow this rule, and you will be fine and will be having quite a lot of fun with the game.

This is all we have in our Octopath Traveler Leveling Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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