Top 10 Octopath Traveler Xp Farm Tips

This guide will tell you all the ways for Octopath Traveler xp farm. You can also power-level your way to the maximum level.

As a JRPG, Octopath Traveler heavily emphasizes character optimization, weapons, and skill upgrades. This optimization is possible by leveling up the different characters in the game to face tougher enemies. You must farm experience points (XP) in Octopath Traveler, which allow your characters to unlock new abilities, boost their stats, and become strong enough to take down invincible bosses.

This is earned by completing quests, defeating enemies, or farming specific sites. We have highlighted some of the best ways to level up fast in Octopath Traveler and achieve the maximum possible level.

10. Farm XP in Early Game In Octopath Traveler

The basic method for earning XP is defeating enemies. The more enemies you defeat, the more XP you will earn. Carrion Caves, near South Bolderfall Pass, is the best place to grind XP during early games, so your characters are upgraded to at least level 15.

Since the foes here are tough, as they should be for higher reward, you will need some good class-based weapons like spears and bows and abilities like Wind Magic or H’annit’s Arrowstorm.

Moreover, Soul Stones will help you to take down even rare enemies here, like Cait, that will reward you with an astounding 1000 XP. Lastly, ensure you have support units like Primrose at the party and that you and your party are equipped with healing items.

9. Farm Dungeons for XP

If you’ve progressed to Chapter 2, you can maximize XP by playing through the story dungeon twice with different parties. You can use both teams in successive turns to make your second playthrough easier.

Another benefit of this activity is that all your characters will get even points, which will help them grow together. It is crucial to level up your characters early.

8. Use Spells that Boost XP Gains

octopath traveler xp farm

One of the best ways of leveling up in Octopath Traveler is to use Primrose’s Bewildering Grace to apply a multiplier to the experience gain.

7. Farming Caits

Caits can give massive XP points, and you can encounter them during regular battles. You can use H’aanit to capture them.

You get substantial buffs in battle if you capture them, but when it comes to earning hefty sums of experience, their death is the only way. To kill the maximum number of Caits, visit the optional Ice Dragon Cave dungeon in the Stillsnow Wilds.

6. Obtain Special Items

Later in the game, you can obtain a special item, the Alluring Ribbon, by completing a side quest from an NPC in Marsalim. This will mean you encounter more enemies and thus get more XP when you put them down.

5. Farm Experience by Repeating Combats

To farm XP in the early game, head to the level 45 area, the town of Grandport in Octopath Traveler. Save the game and move to the west entrance of the town and look for the signpost.

Your first encounter will be with two Greater Kingfishers; defeating them will give you around 609 XP. A Cleric should always heal the party to counter the effects of these creatures’ highly damaging Meteor Storm attack.

For the offense, use H’annit’s Arrowstorm for Wind Damage and a warrior with the Thousand Spears skill. The other two characters should be equipped with bows and polearms since these Kingfishers are quite vulnerable to these tools.

This method will help you Level up to Level 35 through repeated encounters. Only then should you venture out and look for other possible places to grind and upgrade your character. Generally, it is best to be within the league of your enemy’s rank.

4. Farming Battle Points

octopath traveler xp farm

Another effective way to level up quickly is by farming Battle Points (BP). BP is earned by defeating enemies in battle, and you can spend it to gain additional skills and abilities for your characters. However, BP can also power-level your characters using the “Increase EXP” support skill.

Go to Atlasdam and speak to the NPC, Jean, near the town entrance. Jean will offer you a quest called “The Faire Journey,” which involves traveling to a location called the “Starfall Express.”

Once you arrive at the Starfall Express, you’ll encounter a group of high-level enemies that will reward you with a lot of BP when defeated. Use the “Increase EXP” support skill to gain more XP from battles. Repeat this process until you have enough BP to maximize your characters’ skills and abilities.

3. Chapter 4 Boss Rush

Another effective way to level up quickly is by doing a boss rush in Chapter 4. This method involves defeating all the bosses in a row and rewarding you with a large amount of XP. Before grinding bosses, ensure all your characters have reached Chapter 4 of their individual stories.

2. Using the “Danger in Deep Waters” Quest

This side quest becomes available after completing Chapter 3 of any character’s story. It involves defeating a group of high-level enemies in the Western Noblecourt Flats. Ensure all your characters are at least level 30 to complete this side quest. You will receive massive XP to level up once you have defeated all the high-level enemies.

1. Intermediate Re-Fights

octopath traveler xp farm

The new XP farm method involves completing intermediate re-fights in Octopath Traveler, introduced in the latest update. These fights have two phases and more HP and damage than the beginner versions, but they reward a whopping 250k XP on completion. To take advantage of this method, you’ll need to have a team that’s strong enough to clear the fights quickly, ideally in two turns.

To optimize your team for this method, focus on characters with weaknesses that match the enemy’s weaknesses. For the August re-fight, the community consensus is to focus on sword, bow, and wind weaknesses, as they are easy to hit with 4-star units and can be exploited with the current 5-star units.

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