Octopath Traveler Gaston Boss Guide

The only tricky bit about Gaston in Octopath Traveler is his brigands. They keep respawning in every turn in Octopath Traveler.

Gaston is the leader of the brigands who you will face as the first boss in Olberic’s story chapters of Octopath Traveler.

Gaston wields the Sword of Erhardt to do massive damage. He was once friends with Gustav and trained under Erhardt himself, making him a worthy boss fight in Octopath Traveler.

That being said, knowing his weaknesses will help you cut this fight short. The only tricky bit about Gaston in Octopath Traveler is his brigands. They keep respawning in every turn, so you need to find a way to defeat them first before shifting your focus to Gaston.

Gaston location

If you travel to the Southeastern Osterrra, you’ll come across a place known as the highlands which is famous for its high plateaus and mountains. It is here where you will find Gaston in Octopath Traveler.

Do keep in mind that this will be during the initial stages of the game as this boss is associated with the first chapter of Olberic’s story.

Gaston weaknesses

It has been observed that boss Gaston is quite weak when it comes to spear attacks in Octopath Traveler. In addition, the brigands that accompany him are weak against sword strikes due to weak armor protection.

Take note that Gaston can be easily slayed with a strike of 1000 spears or more, this will break its armor. The defense of brigands can also be eliminated by slash skills.

Unlike Redeye, Gaston doesn’t have a flexible weakness set, one set of Spear, Dagger, Staff, Ice, and Thunder used repeatedly would be enough to complete the job.

Gaston special attacks

There are only a couple of Gaston’s attacks that you need to know about. These do the most damage to your party members.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Mighty BlowGaston swings its blade and inflicts heavy damage to a single player in hissight.
Level SlashPhysical attack inflicting minimal damage to multiple members of your party

How to defeat Gaston in Octopath Traveler

Gaston will be accompanied by two of his brigands in his boss fight. Hence, your first task will be to take out his minions before focusing on Gaston. This is because Gaston keeps summoning more brigands during his turns. The only way to stop them from respawning is to kill all of them once and for all.

Once the brigands are out of the equation, try to destroy the defensive shield of Gaston with back-to-back spear strikes as Gaston is vulnerable to spears.

Utilize the time when you are building BP effectively, you can target and damage the shield of Gaston at this time as well.

A balanced party is key to taking out Gaston and his brigands. You need to have a good healer and characters that do good elemental damage.

Best party for Gaston

As for the party combination, Alfyn will be your all-rounder for this battle, having the capability to inflict impressive physical damage. Also, the area of effect factor makes him a strong contender. His quick healing capability is also out-class.

An elemental attack for this fight would be key to victory. Cyrus in this regard can be really helpful. Having all the elemental attacks except dark light and wind will help in taking out Gaston’s shields.

Primorse provides you with buffs, special physical attacks, elemental attacks, physical defense, and speed. Thus, a variety of firepower and agility is packed in this team member.

Therion, on the other hand, is essential as you are facing multiple enemies simultaneously, thus this member can reduce enemies’ physical damage and can provide a defensive aspect to the party. Therion can also share the SP with team members during times of need.

What else to bring to the fight?

Olberic uses his muscles to go up against the odds. He can surely be an impressive addition to your team to take on Gaston in a boss fight. He wields a sword during his battles which is enough to break through the defensive shields of Gaston, making him venerable and open to any spear attacks.

Gaston drops

Once you have slayed the boss known as Gaston, you’ll receive an item called Grape Brunch that will instantly boost the health of all the party members by 900 HP. Thus, a very useful item to attain.

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