Octopath Traveler Redeye Boss Guide

Redeye is the main boss you will face during your progression through H’aanit’s story in Octopath Traveler. Learn how to defeat it!

In Octopath Traveler, Redeye is the main boss you will face during your progression through H’aanit’s story. This boss is a large soulless creature with large red eyes which he uses to turn his enemies into stones. You must defeat this boss to progress into H’aanit’s story. Regardless of his special attacks, he has certain weak points which you must use to slay them. 

This Octopath Traveler Redeye Boss Guide covers all the details of where Redeye is found, its weaknesses, and how to defeat it in Octopath Traveler.  

Redeye location 

Redeye can be found waiting for your arrival on the cliff on your left side in Grimsand ruins which is in the Sunlands.

You will be welcomed by scary roar sounds, after a few roars Redeye will unveil itself to start the boss fight. Slaying Redeye allows you to continue your journey to chapter 4 of H’aanit’s story. 

Redeye weaknesses

Redeye is a boss that can change its weakness after intervals. Therefore, a flexible approach would be best.

The Redeye boss fight is divided into four phases in Octopath Traveler, and in each stage, the boss shows weakness toward a different type of attack. 

Phase 1
During the starting phases of the battle is vulnerable to Daggers, Bows, Staves, Fire, and Light.  

Phase 2
In the second phase of the battle, Redeye is vulnerable to Daggers, Axes, Staves, Fire, and Light. 

Phase 3 
Redeye is vulnerable to Swords, Bows, Fire, Lightning, and Light in the third phase of the boss fight. 

Phase 4 
In the second phase of the battle, Redeye is vulnerable to Spears, Axes, Lightning, Wind, and Light. 

Redeye special attacks 

Special Attacks What They do 
You have angered the beast…! Allows the boss to attack 3 times each turn 
An ill foreboding pervades the battlefield… Increase chances of inflicting blindness for the next 2-5 turns 
The fiend’s body writhes ominously Switches Redeye’s weaknesses into four phases 
Sweep   Allows the attack on each ally 
Bestial Roar Deals severe damage to each ally while increasing chances of unconsciousness 
Unearthly roar Deals severe damage to each ally while increasing chances of unconsciousness and blindness 
Evil Eye   Turns an ally into stone.  
Unholy Elixir Allows the boss to heal a target, ally or foe, for 100 HP. 

How to defeat Redeye in Octopath Traveler 

Defeating Redeye is not difficult if you target and bring down its shield making it vulnerable. In this regard, a warrior and a hunter can be called in to strike Redeye’s shield with arrows and spears.  

A good party is very necessary to slay this beast, one preferably having the capability to deal with Redeye’s magical and physical attacks. Be cautious of Redeye’s frequent strikes using its Evil Eyes Special attack that can turn your party members into stone. 

However, you can use herbs to revive them and bring them back into battle. You can counter Redeye’s Roar attacks through Apothecary in Octopath Traveler and frequent Rehabilitation to decrease the effects of its attacks. 

Best party for Redeye 

Alfyn deals in impressive physical damage along with his single target healing buffs. The area of effect aspect that he provides makes him the outlier. Heals higher than Ophilia especially if you possess the correct items.  

The obvious pick for the role of an elemental attacker is Cyrus who possesses all the elemental attacks except dark light and wind making him a one-man army.  

Primrose is well-rounded in her buffs, having an impressive physical attack, elemental attack, physical defense and speed to take on Redeye’s special attacks.  

Therion is more debuff centric having the capability to reduce enemies’ physical attack, and defense capabilities, and can also steal HP, SP and can also share SP with other party members. 

What else to bring to the fight? 

You can also bring a Warrior and hunter to aid you in the battle against Redeye in Octopath Traveler. Since both can deal with several arrow/spear attacks and can be helpful in bringing Redeye’s shield down. Additionally, bring an Apothecary to counter the Roar attack using Rehabilitate which increases the resistance to the status effects. 

Redeye drops 

  • Olive of Life (L) 
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