Octopath Traveler Best Armor Guide

Here are all of the best headgear and best armor to improve your characters' defenses in Octopath Traveler.

As you play through Octopath Traveler, you will face a variety of different enemies. To counter these enemies, the game offers you all sorts of different armor to choose from.

The armor in Octopath Traveler is divided into three different categories: Heavy armor that provide a high defense, Robes that provide high elemental defense and offense stats, and light armor that balance out all of the stats.

Additionally, the armor can either be a part of Headgear or Body Armor. Each of the different types of armor works differently, providing a variety of different stats and buffs. Naturally, some of them will grant you major benefits, while others may not be so useful after all.

With the whole plethora of armor to choose from, it becomes difficult to determine the best ones among them. This is why we’ve come up with some of the best armor of each type in Octopath Traveler.

Best headgear in Octopath Traveler

Crystal Helm

The Best Helm in Octopath Traveler is the Crystal Helm. Crystal armor in this game tends to produce the largest effective physical damage absorption there is i.e. +104 Phys. Def. This makes it one of the best endgame armor to choose from since the enemies are a lot stronger at that point.

Moreover, this will also work as the best armor for tank characters like Olberic, since it allows them to absorb the most amount of damage possible. This will particularly give them the upper hand on the front lines of battle, where the enemies pose the largest threat.


You can either buy the Crystal Helm from Natalia in Stoneguard Valleys for 39,900 Leaves after completing Primrose and H’aanit’s Chapter 4 or loot it from the chest in Dragonsong Fane.

Adamantine Hat

The Adamantine Hat is arguably the best elemental defense armor there is, providing a whopping Elem. Def stat of +180. Moreover, it’s no less in physical defense and elemental attack stats either, providing a +104 and a +88 stat value respectively.

The Adamantine Hat is easily one of the best armor to find in Octopath Traveler. Its high defense stats are going to mitigate a lot of enemy damage. In addition, its high elemental attack stats are perfect for someone like Cyrus who specializes in spells.

There are two ways to get the Adamantine Hat. You can either get it for free by looting a chest in the Maw of the Ice Dragon or spend precious money to buy it from Angela in Northreach after Olberic Chp 4.

Silent Bandana

Although the Silent Bandana doesn’t have that impressive stats in physical and elemental defense i.e. +82 and +78 respectively, it makes it onto this list because of its evasive properties.

The Silent Bandana is easily the best evasive armor in Octopath Traveler with a stunning evasion stat of +111. Evasion is particularly useful in dodging incoming attacks, but remember that it does not work in the case of magic attacks.

You can get the Silent Bandana either by looting the chest in the Forest of No Return or purchasing it from the Armorers in Saintsbridge and Northreach.

Best body armor in Octopath Traveler

Crystal Vest

The Crystal Vest, like the Crystal Helm, provides the most physical defense among all of the armors in the game. Hence, this is yet again one of the best endgame armor in Octopath Traveler.

Since this is a vest, it provides a higher physical and elemental defense than the Crystal Helm i.e. +205 and +205 respectively. Yet again, the best characters to use this armor with are the tank characters on the front lines of battle.

 You can purchase this armor either from Jan in Noblecourt after Prim 4 or from Ned in Victors Hollow after Olberic 4.

Ethereal Dancer Garb

Much like the Silent Bandana, the Ethereal Dancer Garb is also one of the best evasive armors in the game – if used particularly with Primrose, which provides a +166 evasion stat.

As for this armor’s physical and elemental defense, they are also pretty impressive with a +122 and a +134 stat respectively.

To get your hands on the Ethereal Dancer Garb, you can either purchase it from the Merchant in Grandport Markets for 26,250 Leaves or from looting a chest in the Amphitheatre Arena.

Dragonscale Armor

The Dragonscale Armor is easily the best heavy armor in Octopath Traveler. With a whopping physical defense stat of +235, you may call it the strongest armor in the game yet – side by side with the Crystal Armor.

What’s special about this armor is that it also grants a +108 Critical bonus to the wearer, hence making it very versatile as it also helps in the offense. This makes it particularly useful to characters that specialize in offense – like Olberic.

You can get the Dragonscale Armor either by purchasing it from Bale in Wellspring after Olberic and Ophilia Chapter 4 or from Swordsman Yuri in Marsalim for 45,600 Leaves.

Princess’s Coat

Most of the armor on this list offers decent stats in physical and elemental defense stats. The Princess’s Coat is no less, providing a +136 stat in physical defense and a +155 in elemental defense, but what makes it stands out is the HP restoration bonus.

Your characters heal for 100 HP at the end of every turn. It goes without saying that any character having the Princess’ Coat is going to be able to outlast any enemy in battle.

The best characters to use this armor with are healers like Ophelia, so they can remain at full HP while healing others.

You can get the Princess’s Coat by completing the “Ria, Born to Roam (III)” side quest.

Silent Cape

The Silent Cape, while providing respectable stats in physical and elemental defense (+102 and +144 respectively), also provides a major boost to Evasion with a +147, easily making it one of the best evasive armor in the game.

With such high stats in evasion, this armor will be particularly useful with those characters that have a lower HP such as thieves.

You can get the Silent Cape from different Armorers in places like East Noblecourt, Everhold, and Northreach. You can even get it from the General Store in Orewell.

Robe of the Dragon Princess

While already possessing great stats in physical defense (+121) and elemental defense (+132), the Robe of the Dragon Princess also provides a +129 bonus to Critical chances.

This makes rob balanced in terms of both defense and offense, making it a solid choice for characters with the clerics, scholars, and sorcerer jobs.

You can get your hands on the Robe of the Dragon Princess either by completing the Kaia, Mother of Dragons quest (III) or by looting the chest in Grandport Sewers.

Ardante Attire

The Ardante Attire is one of the best early game armors in Octopath Traveler. In the beginning, you will usually work with attire as armor, but the Ardante Attire tops them all.

The Ardante Attire not only provides a good physical defense stat (+108) and elemental defense stat (+186) but also offers a whopping +42 bonus to max SP.

You can get the Ardante Attire by completing the “Sir Miles, Servant of the Flame (III)” side quest.

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