Octopath Traveler 2 Stealing Guide: Best Items To Steal

In Octopath Traveler 2, Throne has a steal path action that allows you to steal some of the best items such as weapons and armor from NPCs.

In Octopath Traveler 2, Throne’s Steal path action allows you to snatch away different weapons, armor, accessories, and various other items from NPCs. The steal path action is categorized as a Rogue path action and since it doesn’t have a guaranteed success rate, failure will incur a negative hit to your reputation.

You can acquire a whole catalog of items just by stealing, some of which are even necessary to obtain for completing certain mission objectives.

Stealing also gives you an opportunity to acquire powerful gear that may be unattainable otherwise.  Knowing what items are worth investing your time in is important so you don’t needlessly risk your reputation for nothing.

At the same time improving the steal success rate is also essential to increase your chances of acquiring your desired item.

How to steal items in Octopath Traveler 2

In Octopath traveler 2, the Steal path action allows Throne to swipe away all sorts of items, weapons, accessories, and armor from NPCs. To use the steal path action in Octopath Traveler 2 you must simply approach the NPC, interact with them using Throne, and select Steal.

Since Steal is a rogue path action it only has a limited chance of being successful. In the case that the Steal fails, your reputation will take a hit. It is also important to note that you can only Steal items from NPCs during the daytime.

The Steal Chance is the likelihood of a successful steal action. A higher steal chance is extremely beneficial to reduce the risk of harming your reputation and increase your chances of obtaining the desired item.

It is important to know which factors affect your steal chance.

Firstly, the opponent’s HP bar is a major factor in determining your Steal Chance. Enemies with lower HP give you a higher chance of a successful steal from them. As you damage them more and weaken their defense you improve your Steal Chance.

To improve your chances of stealing from an enemy, it is essential to know their weaknesses. These weaknesses when exposed will play a major role in the Steal success rate.

Let’s say your opponent’s weaknesses are Ice and Lightning, targeting them will significantly improve your chances of success.

Your enemy’s shield significantly affects your chances of stealing from them. An intact shield makes it difficult to steal thanks to the additional protection they provide. Waiting to strike when their shield is broken can maximize your chances for success.

How to increase your Steal Chance in Octopath Traveler 2

By keeping these Octopath 2 Traveler 2 stealing tips in mind you can improve your Steal Chance.

Throne’s level and her Steal skill level directly affect the Steal Chance. By leveling her up a decent amount and boosting her steal skill you can significantly improve your success rate.

By damaging an opponent and depleting their HP bar and breaking their shield before you attempt a Steal path action, you will significantly improve your success rate.

You can expose the weaknesses of any enemy by using the Scholar’s Analyze ability. This way you will identify all their weaknesses and target them to improve your Steal success rate.

Before you use Throne’s Steal path action in Octopath Traveler 2 we suggest that you save your game right before. In the case that you fail, you can always reload the saved file and not risk taking a hit on your reputation.

Best weapons, armor, and accessories to steal

WeaponStatsSteal Location
Broad SwordPhysical Attack: +48, Speed: +11The Villager NPC found at Cape Cold in the Winterlands.
Refined SwordPhysical Attack: +107, Speed: +32The Townsperson NPC found at the New Delsta in the Brightlands
Lapis RodPhysical Attack: +29, Elemental Defense: +14, Elemental: +59The Priest NPC found at Canalbrine in Harborlands
KukriPhysical Attack: +46, Accuracy: +11The Elderly Man NPC found at the Flamechurch in Crestlands
Traveler’s BowPhysical Attack: +47, Speed: +13The Traveler NPC found in the Beasting Village inside Toto’haha
King of BeastsPhysical Attack: +282, Evasion: +90The Village Chief NPC found in the Nameless Village inside Toto’haha
Aegis MacePhysical Attack: +29, Elemental Defense: +14, Elemental Attack: +59The Priest NPC found at Canalbrine in Harborlands
Hero’s AxePhysical Attack: +340, Speed: +102The Judge NPC found at Timberain in the Leaflands
ArmorStatsSteal Location
Hunting Attire Physical Defense: +29, Elemental Defense: +13, Crit: +8The Beastling NPC found inside the Beasting Village in Toto’haha
Blessed VestmentsPhysical Defense: +130, Elemental Defense: +215, Elemental Attack: +74The Judge NPC found at Timerain in the Leaflands
Pilgrim’s RobePhysical Defense: +27, Elemental Defense: +33, SP: +15The Elder NPC found inside the Flamechurch in Crestlands
AccessoryEffectsSteal Location
Octopuff PotIncreases Octopuff encounter chanceThe Fisherman NPC found at the Conning Creak in the Haborlands
Empowering NecklaceGives +1000 HPThe Judge NPC found at Timberain in the Leaflands
Foreign RingIncrease Crit by +35 and Crit rate improved during the start of the first turnThe Judge NPC found at Timerain in the Leaflands

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