Octopath Traveler 2 Professor Harvey Boss Guide

Professor Harvey is the final boss of Osvald's storyline in Octopath Traveler 2. Like Osvald, Harvey can also use One True Magic.

Defeating Professor Harvey means inching closer to reuniting Osvald with his daughter Elena in Octopath Traveler 2. However, this boss fight is not going to be easy.

Professor Harvey can use One True Magic like Osvald and can prove to be a difficult boss fight in Octopath 2. You will face him at the end of Chapter 5 of Osvald’s storyline and it is necessary that you know all of Professor Harvey’s weaknesses to make this a short fight.

Professor Harvey location

You will travel to the Gravell area to end the people’s misery and save your daughter in Octopath 2. After reaching the site, you must Mug the villagers for much-needed black crystals and make your way toward the Duskruin Shrine.

The encounter between Osvald and Harvey will occur in the Shrine’s depth after you eliminate the puppets sent by the boss to fight you. You will get the chance here to save your daughter and become the only user of One true magic after hitting the boss’s weak spots.

Professor Harvey weakness

The boss shows apparent weakness against Polearm and Axe attacks. You can equip these weapons on your party members to exploit the vulnerabilities of the boss in Octopath 2.

This combat lets you bring out the most damaging elemental attacks using Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Professor Harvey shows substantial weakness against these kinds of attacks, making Osvald a direct weakness of this final boss.

During the combat, the boss will change its state, trying to become more powerful and destructive. You will feel how the weaknesses of the boss change. This change of state offers you to unleash Daggers, Light and Dark attacks to break down the Sheild Points and win the battle quickly.

Professor Harvey special attacks

The boss can unleash several attacks, including two dummies that are not powerful but perform different attacks. You need to eliminate all these puppets and the boss to win the fight.

You might lose your members to the effect of the ailment caused by a few attacks, so use different resources to put an end to the fight.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Blessing of DarknessStatus effect decreases all party members’ combat potential.
Begin ExperimentTwo Pure Elementals creatures spawn.
LectureOne of your party members falls asleep during the combat.
FlashFocused attack on a single member of the party.
ElectrocuteLightning attack causing around 1000 damage to one member.
GalestormAttack by the spawned creatures causing more than 500 damage to every party character.
SupernovaHigh-damage AOE attack inflicting around 1000 damage to every member.

How to defeat Professor Harvey in Octopath Traveler 2

The most crucial thing in this combat is using the right weapons and abilities. You must use Throne’s Sixfold strike by equipping an axe to deal maximum damage and take away SP points of the boss.

It is also better to use the AOE damage of Aeber’s Reckoning to inflict damage on the Pure Elementals along with the boss in Octopath 2.

Osvald is crucial in this battle as you can utilize its Elemental attacks to break down the boss. You can use any elemental attacks apart from Dark at the initial stage of the fight. This will ensure the elimination of the boss companions quickly.

You need to use the One True Magic ability of Osvald at the right time. Just wait for Harvey SP to fall to 1, or use it when Osvald is at maximum power. The damage will be severe, and you can end the fight quickly.

You are going to need a lot of SP and BP, so use the restoring abilities of Castti and Partitio. You can use Castti to donate essential resources to your member, ensuring they survive longer and deal maximum damage.

Partitio’s hired help might also turn the tides in your favour, so try using that ability at the right time during the combat with the Octopath Traveler 2 Professor Harvey.

Best party for Professor Harvey

The best party for the Octopath Traveler 2 Professor Harvey boss fight includes Osvald, Castti, Partitio, and Throne.

These characters perfectly balance the scales of offense and defense. You have protagonists like Castti who can use the Medical Concoction to provide much-needed SP and BP.

On the other hand, Throne can deal substantial AOE damage using a different set of abilities. Partitio provides attacking skills through the hired help and can donate BP through his other abilities.

Osvald is your main character in this party, as he got all the elemental damage required to bring down Professor and his creations. You need to utilize the most powerful attacks while the boss is broken.

What else to bring to the fight

You can bring and use Soulstones if you lack physical power in your party. These stones are powerful as they have high damage potential against the boss.

It is also suggested to have Healing Grape Bunch, so if your party is losing, you can utilize the item to restore the HP and SP of your team.

Apart from all these items, you just have to repeat the cycle of constant elemental damage to get the rewards at the end of the fight.

Professor Harvey drops

  • Leaves 18000
  • Olive of Life (L)
  • EXP 2700
  • JP 1504

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